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12 Dec, 2013

Custom Project Process

  1. Submit: Required Features is submited by Client via ticket (http://joomlaux.com/support)
  2. Discussions: Discuss detail through ticket, email or skype.
  3. Agreement: both JoomlaUX Team and Client agreed about detailed customization, price and time frame.
  4. Depository: Client pays at least half of the total cost
  5. Working: JoomlaUX Team works on the custom project
  6. Demo: JoomlaUX Team builds a live demo site for Client to review the result.
  7. Approve: Client approves the results and confirms that everything is ok. If there is any issue, client should report back to JoomlaUX team to fix and check again.
  8. Complete Payment: Client pays the rest of the total cost
  9. Deliver: Final Product deliver, by zip package or directly upload to Client's site.
  10. Maintenance: Support installation or fixing bugs if there's any.

Custom Project Policy

All custom projects and its modifications are granted “copy license” which means that JoomlaUX holds license of the source code and we can apply those modifications, features & customizations in the future version of our products.

The total cost of the project does not include product's license. This indicates that you must purchase the product seperately from the total price of the project. You must purchase the product before we start to working on the custom project.

Project time frame will not include weekend (Saturday and Sunday) as working day. That means we do not count weekend days in our time frame.

Before JoomlaUX project team officially works on the custom project, clients must deposit at least half of the total project’s cost. The remain of the payment must be completed/paid before JoomlaUX project team delivers the final product to client.

All custom projects with JoomlaUX include live demo test environment and enough time duration for client to test and check throughout all requested customizations. Only until client confirms that their test go as well as desired, does JoomlaUX project team package the final product and prepare to deliver the final custom product (only deliver the final product after client finish paying the total project’s cost). JoomlaUX suggests you – our project’s client – that you should carefully test all your requirements in provided test environment to minimize the potential issues which may arise so both sides can save time on installing the customization later.

Technical support for custom project: 1 month – counting from the day we deliver client the final product (GMT+7). Technical support includes fixing bugs, conflicts… which may arise when installing). We’re not responsible for technical issues after this 1 month of support, however, we will assist you with our best to help you solve your questions. We are not responsible for damage or error caused by personal modification by client after installing our final product.

In case you want to expand technical support time, the additional fee is 50 Euro/6 months.

Refund is not applicable for custom project; both deposit and completed payment are not refundable.