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12 Dec, 2013

In order to provide a better service and help you proceed smoothly on our site, we will continuously collect and update frequently asked questions or general concerns related to our products and services with explanation. Hope that you will find it useful for you.


1. After buying JoomlaUX’s products, can I use it on different sites (both commercial and non-commercial sites)?

Yes, thank to the beauty of GNU/GPL v2 license, you can use them in as many sites as you want. However, we only provide support for a limited number of domains, as specifying in our pricing plan.


2. After successfully paying for a product, how can I download it?

Please Log in to our site (http://joomlaux.com) and go to http://www.joomlaux.com/download.html by clicking the Download button on the top menu. Then you’ll see all extensions available for download listed there.


3. Do you offer refund?

Yes for Memberships and No for Single extension purchase. If you are a paid member, you can ask for refund complying to our “Refund Policy”. To request a refund, please submit a ticket to our support staff. We will get back to you within 24h.


4. How can I know when an update is available?

Updates for JUX extensions are released regularly. When an update is available, we will let you know via Social media (Facebook, Twitter) and JoomlaUX’s blog. We recommend that you Become our Fan on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter so that you can get the latest news from us.


5. What is quickstart and how to install it?

Quickstart is a complete installation package which after installing it, you will have a module/component that looks the same as in our demo. Quickstart allows you to use the extension out of the box without having to go through basic configurations. Installing Quickstart is just like installing regular setup file. Please follow our installation guide in documentation.


6. Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes. If you want to upgrade your subscription, you only need to pay the difference between your existing subscription and the new one. Your current subscription must still be active to qualify for this benefit however. Please contact us via ticket and we will help you upgrade your subscription.


7. What happens when my subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will not be able to access downloads or updates nor you will be eligible to ask for support. If you wish to keep access to our extensions and support, you need to renew your subscription.


8. Can I resell JUX products?

No. The reselling of our extensions is strictly prohibited. You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified without prior written consent from JoomlaUX team.


9. Can I modify the source code?

Yes. You have the rights to modify our extensions for your own use, however, if we find that your modifications cause extensions work improperly, we will not support in this case. In short, inability in using our extensions & making modifications that make our extensions stop working normally, we will not refund or support those cases.