Setting permission for different access level


access level

For some of you who built your own business website, you must selling your product and not giving it free. Therefore, different access level is needed and you have to set up to allow your members to download the product, not your visitors.

As an example of how your download page looks like for each access level, Joomla download has created 2 download list for public download and registered download. To view more extension in download list for registered, please login in our login page.


access level backend

We have divided the access level to 10 groups which are:

Public/ Demo/ Guest/ Manager/ Administrator/ Registered/ Author/ Editor/ Publisher/ Super User.

Admin can easily change setting for each group to assign their jobs.

Module position supported

module position

Together with the common design like list and grid layout, module position is also supported. You can display your products in slideshow style with 2 items or 3 items per slideshow or you can display it at the sidebar position.

View items by categories or tags


You can assign your items in categories that it belong to and add tags for each item. With items which are having same tags, it will be listed in a common group.

Easily statistic the download number


Control the number of download will help you know which product is on trend and which is not. From that statistic you can have a better direction for your next development.

Details statistic about users downloaded 

user download


Admin can keep tracking on their member from backend with details info about user name, IP address, item download, latest download time, and number of download.

SEO supported


Joomla download component allows you to show a short description about your product and insert URL link to SEO for your product. Metadata with description and Meta keywords, robots are all available to support for your SEO strategies.