Works great on any screen

Jux Horizontal accordion slider is fully responsive and totally flexible. You can play the slider on different devices like mobile, tablet, smartphone and on any browser.

Visually appealing with beautiful effects


Joomla Accordion slider provide 4 theme styles which help you easily change the displaying interface:

-          Horizontal Accordion Default

-          Horizontal Accordion with Button

-          Horizontal Accordion with Control Panel

-          Horizontal Accordion with Title

The accordion is optimized to bring smooth and slight animations by using CSS3 transition.
Moreover, you also can add gallery title, caption or description to the slide with multiple links can be inserted.

Keyboard and mouse navigation


With this Horizontal Accordion Slider, the slides can be navigated by keyboard or mouse wheel. You can easily move to another images by press left, or right arrows keys or simply hover to the picture you want, it will automatically slide to there. 

Drag&drop to order in back-end


Easily control all functions in the admin area with the simple enable or disable button. The best thing about its back-end is that you can upload unlimited images and easily drag&drop to order picture's position. You also can design your slide by choose the slide size, height, width, caption size, etc and unlimited image upload.

Highlight features

  • Fully responsive
  • Show title, caption, description.
  • 4 theme styles provided
  • Smooth and slight animation
  • Using CSS3 transaction
  • Multiple links can be inserted
  • Keyboard and mouse navigation
  • Control slide size supported
  • Target URL supported
  • Interval time(ms)


From version 2.1.0 we completely change the way the image upload and manage. Now you can add as many slides as possible with multi-upload and drag&drop to order.