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15 Apr, 2014

Top Freebies & Tools April 2014

28 Free CSS-Only Code Snippets for Web Developers

Collected by Jake Rochelea, these 29 free CSS-based projects can certainly draw any developer’s attention. What makes them more intriguing is that no jQuery whatsoever required! 

11 Sep, 2012

JUX Slideshow: NEW & Noteworthy Extensions on JED

This is such a great message to JUX team because we know we have contributed one more awesome Joomla Extension to Joomla Community. The team has also received positive reviews from users which made us couldn’t be happier (Please visit our Forum to share your comments, ideas & reviews on JUX Extensions)

23 Aug, 2012

Welcome to JoomlaUX

Thank you for visiting JoomlaUX, and especially, our blog. From this blog, you can get useful tips of using JoomlaUX extensions, how to utilize our site's functions, Discount/Special Promotion and other supportive contents.