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file URGENT Problems with language

4 years 11 months ago #9748 by Fran MAdrid
Hello I installed the new version of the JUX realestate template citylights activate the plugin but the language does not show the modules, or search and the rest and I also installed

Slideshow JUX Layer and gives me the following warning
Strict Standards: Only variables Should be Assigned by reference in/home/collares/domains/munfort.es/public_html/modules/mod_jux_layerslideshow/mod_jux_layerslideshow.php on line 18

Thank you for your help

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4 years 11 months ago #9751 by GDragon
Hi FranMadrid,
Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
About your problem when active new template and other module doesn't show I can answer as below.
1. New template maybe don't have module position as in old template. That's why it doesn't show. You can check template position by this path:
yoursite.com/?tp=1 (If it don't show module position you must enable template preview module position - google search very easy)
2. Citilight template build base in Helix framework and SP Page Builder . So maybe you need sp pagebuilder to get as our demo
3. About JUX Layer Slideshow you can fix it by:
About your problem with jux layer slideshow you can fix by change:
From: $document= &JFactory::getDocument();
To: $document= JFactory::getDocument();
in public_html/modules/mod_jux_layerslideshow/mod_jux_layerslideshow.php on line 18
Hope this help!

Best regards,

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