12 May, 2018

 JUX Offline Page is a complete solution to set up and customize the offline page when your site goes offline. This Joomla plugin allows users to easily set up and customize a page to inform that your site is under-construction or under-maintenance.

JUX Offline Page gives users a strong impression with unlimited background styles that you can create basing three main types (background Image, Slider, and Videos from YouTube), various options of the countdown timer, 9 overlay effects, and super simple backend.

Follow us to explore 5 attractions that make JUX Offline Page different among other Offline extensions.

#1.  Responsive & Mobile-first Design

The JUX team see how important the mobile-first element is with the 2018 design, JUX Offline Page also made good with this need. The page can be beautifully displayed on any screen, especially on mobile.

As seen on the demos, we focus visitors on the time, our brand and email address that customers might share with us. All we display in the best look to not losing any customers evenly at the offline page.

#2.  9 Overlay Effects

This plugin made the offline page made easier but more attractive with offering 9 overlay effects that make your site more lively and attract more users. Users now freely choose the effect they love to apply for your offline page.

#3. Unlimited Background Styles

There are three main types of background styles including background Image, Slider, and Videos from YouTube that allow users to generate lots of layouts styles. Our team wishes the users feel absolutely happy with what they choose. What are you waiting for? Let’s visit our demos now to look for stunning offline page styles you can create for your awesome site. 

#4. More 5 Countdown Timer Types

Time is a major factor of a coming soon page or offline page is here. So, if you can diversify this factor, the offline page will be different among the general offline page. Let name your style at the offline page as well that also attract the customers back your site in the informed time. JUX Offline Page shows you up to more 5 countdown timer styles (TimeCircles, Flip clock, Clock, Slide, Number, and County) that perfectly fit with the page.

#5.  Simply Controllable Backend

Finding an amazingly simple way to set up your offline page with super simple backend customizations. You are able to show/hide information as you wish. There is no exception in selecting the background styles, just click show/ hide, much simple, isn't it? 


JUX Offline Page will make your Offline page made easy. Your setting process will get fun and you will get the pleasant feeling with more options and easier customization. Try it now!

*Bonus: How to get ID YouTube

With video background, you just need to find a video on YouTube and inserts it’s ID to the video ID box.

Step 1: Select the YouTube video you want to display.

Step 2: Get Id video.

Step 3: Paste ID Video

Done! The worry in using video background is disappeared! Good luck and wish you building a perfect offline page as well as a successful site.



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