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10 Dec, 2018

Dear our customers,

For a long time of supporting, we are clearer about what our customers need. We always want to serve our customers best and that's the reason why JoomlaUX release a new membership package type.

We have added a new membership package named Category Club with main categories of JoomlaUX such as Slider, Mega Menu, Social, Content, Image and so on which meet your specific requirement.

*Notably, We Made These Packages For You 


With these specific categories, users can select the best extension with their site and save your budget. There are three main reasons for choosing Category Club package if you are on a detailed aim.

Save a Bundle

When you are on a specific aim, the advice is simply pick up a single extension. However, you wonder which the best for your site is and you might get the wrong extension and need to purchase again. Certainly, you also buy a membership package which allows you to access all extensions but it wastes your money for a specific plan.

Get the Best Fit

The package will meet your need perfectly. For instance, if you need to find a Joomla mega menu extension but you wonder between JUX Mega Menu and JUX Easy Mega Menu. Purchase one and change when it's not suitable with your site. You should choose a saving method. And Mega menu membership package which covers you all best Joomla mega menu types is a smart choice for you. Then you can choose the best mega menu extension for your Joomla site.

Simple to Getting

We make the package in each category as Slider, Mega Menu, Social, Content, and Image, then if you want to get, just visit the pricing link and choose your caring category. Done!

*Once again, We Made These Packages For You and your pleasure gives us happiness.

Thanks for your trust in our products!

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