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07 May, 2019

We would love to inform the release of JUX Twitter Feed which is a professional Joomla Twitter Feed module and an impressive social Joomla module. The Joom la module flexibly embeds Twitter feed and nicely display them on the Joomla site.

Especially, site visitors are able to perform all Twitter actions as Retweet, Reply, Like,  Follow, and Share right on the Joomla site that they are surfing. By this way, the Joomla module will grow your audience and get higher engagement.

Explore these attractive features from the new Joomla Twitter module!

1. Username and Hashtag Options

The Joomla Twitter module provides 2 main ways to showcase your Twitter feed by using Username and popular Hashtag. Your feed will automatically find and display all Tweets that have those usernames and hashtags. Just by inserting your username or hashtag that you want to show in the specific source fields and The Twitter profile will be shown in seconds following the inserted username or hashtag.

2. Testimonials Tweets

With JUX Twitter Feed, you easily show testimonial tweets from your happy clients from the Twitter profile that will give new customers the trust and decide to work with you. How great it is! You now can spread the trust from the Twitter profile to your Joomla site.


3. Five attractive hover styles

The Joomla social module deserve users 5 hovering styles that create nice and smooth motions and get higher engagements to visitors. These effects make the Joomla module more lively and attractive than ever.

src="https://youtu.be/mPT79IxPGqQ" alt="" />


4. Beautiful Lightbox & Sidebar Widget

You can find an informative lightbox that is also nicely shown after a click. This function will allow users to access the cared tweets in a quick and easy way.

Moreover, the Joomla Twitter module can appear at sidebar position of the Joomla site. Moreover, you are able to change the height and width of the widget, certainly with adaptive content.

5. Switchable Tweets Elements

You can easily switch any elements that you think is not necessary. When you love to keep your tweets simple, this function will meet your need.

After all, JUX Twitter Feed comes with us as another spectacular Joomla social extension which creates s smooth experience in customization and manages the Twitter profile right on the Joomla site. Trying the demo now to get the real experience on this awesome Joomla Twitter and there is no regret for this journey.  

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