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15 Sep, 2014

Dear customers,

We are so happy to introduce you our newest extension – Jux Testimonial. This is a component which could help you to display your customers, partner’s testimonial on your sites at different positions with 10 beautiful styles.

Let’s find out what is interesting in this great testimonial

The first impression will be its stunning looks. We offer 10 different beautiful styles which could match every of your site’s template.

3 common layouts are there for you to choose which are list, grids, and slide.

With list and grid, you need chose the number of column to change layout.

·  Number of column equal to 1 is list layout.

·  Number of column equal to 2 and 3 is grid layout

5 stars rate system is also available.


The second unique feature is social network interaction

No more capture and share testimonial on social network sites. With JUX Testimonial, your job will be reduced by just a click on share button that display on your client’s testimonial and it will automatically share the chosen testimonials on your Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. 


Don’t forget Submit form - one of the most important feature of a testimonial.

Jux Testimonial have one of the most particular submit form than ever. Name, Email, Testimonial, and Captcha are required information. Extra information like company, position or job title, location, website – all are there and it up to your clients to fill in it or not. In case you don’t want display all of that information, we leave it free for you to enable or disable it. 


Your back-end control

Easily control, fully functional are exact words to describe its back-end. We provide a large number of features which help you to control your testimonial display and your task is just turn on or off for any function you don’t want. 


A lot of special functions are there for you to discover. Let's try it on our demo and hurry up download it here!

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