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23 Aug, 2012

New JUX extensions have joined Joomla extension community! Take a look!

JUX Portfolio

JUX Porfolio helps you display images and videos with creative design.

JUX Portfolio surpasses traditional content displaying – instead of displaying items in defined frame design, JUX Portfolio displays thumbnails on grid and does not require you to use same-size images. You can freely express your creativity to arrange your thumbnails on grid layout of JUX Portfolio.

Main features:

  • Creative style in user interface.
  • Responsive and compatible with Tablet, Smart phone.
  • Support Youtube & Vimeo video.
  • Lightbox view detail with Social Sharing.
  • Display items with custom width or 100% width responsive.
  • Allow linking item with external links.
  • Support category & unlimited item.
  • 4 different Thumbnail types.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Flexible configuration in component and menu parameters.

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JUX Slideshow

Another extension for you to display images and videos in beautiful way.

JUX Slideshow allows displaying images and videos that you have entered without taking content from any other component. Each slide grants you options to configure images and videos.

Main features:

  • Stable: this module is written with MooTools, Joomla's standard JavaScript framework, so it’s very compatible and stable.
  •  Entering data to display.
  • Show image or video for each slide
  • It is easy to use. Each slide has a different configuration so that you can configure each slide that you want to display.

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