08 Jun, 2016

JUX Social Counter Extension is an effective solution for controlling the latest counts of the Fans from substantial social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, SoundCloud, etc. This smart statistical module dedicated customers join numerous social networks with more than 12 social networks. By this way, you can keep in touch with your social channels conveniently.

 As a new wind in the creation of social counter extension, this JUX counter has gained primary success and instantly becomes the beloved selection in extension market.


JUX social counter extension – Simply Colorful

Attractive look

Hardly do you find a social counter network which inspires users more joining social network as this extension. With colorful widget and exciting animation, this statistical social network got the love from any consumer. Instead of simple design as previous versions, this JUX extension gives enjoyers nothing to complain. Joining social network is easier and faster than ever.

Beneficial Joomla 3.x

Precisely taking advantage of benefits which Joomla 3.x brought, this counter extension deserved customers safer, better SEO strategy, and more convenient jQuery. As inheriting of the previous versions, this improvement gains the favor from a large number of users


Beneficial Joomla 3.x

Absolutely Responsive

Basing on previous platforms, this extension keeps responsive that supporting users the great experience on any screen. We ensure the smooth and flexible movement though you are using any device. 

Retina Ready

Retina is one of the most outstanding features of this colorful social counter extension which creating the higher contrast ratios, deeper blacks, and better-viewing angle for the screen being used. A better look is the must-have feature for this useful Retina integration.

Supporting numerous browsers

Being compatible with almost browsers like FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE 9, and IE10, JUX Social Counter Extension gains its popularity as soon as being created. Regarding diversifying users, this module keeps moving on with these various browsers.

Supporting numerous browsers


Diversified Color Styles

There is no doubt that customers are immediately attracted with this extension: Colorful versions with more than six styles for multiple choices. As the best understanding of customers’ requirements, JUX developers work so hard to diversify styles of this social counter extension.

 Owning these remarkable features, JUX Social Counter is worth with what customers are looking forward to. In case of social network design, here is a perfect choice to complete your website with an attractive social counter. There is no regretting when the extension becomes a part of your successful site. For any purchase of this awesome extension, please feel free to ask your questions which are the encouragement for our team for better products.

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