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18 Nov, 2012

Tips for responsive Joomla site design

There are many ongoing debates on responsive design. Is this “the future of web design” or is this just a new trend? Be it or be it not, responsive design has its own strong root to develop and gradually become more and more important in designing. The more constantly connected to Internet, the more people attached to handheld devices. That’s why businesses will have to find their solution to deal with this new “situation”. And a responsive site will help businesses make their site accessible on any portable devices.

In its latest revolution, Joomla 3.x, Joomla itself has adjusted to a responsive CMS platform (You can find all Joomla 3.0 new features HERE). In this blog, I will talk about some good practices for you to design an effective responsive Joomla website.

20 Oct, 2012

How to spice up your portfolio website

You have put great effort & done an incredible work, but it will be just a normal one if no one knows about you and your art work.

It’s time to stand up & build a professional & personal-tailored portfolio to present your hard work to the world.

Before starting anything, choose for yourself a style first. How would you want others to see your portfolio? Professional? Fun and Simple? Illustrative?

After deciding a style for your own site, you can begin with elements that help you express your personality. Here are some useful tips:

1. Be creative & Be yourself. How?