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02 Feb, 2013

If you are in designer’s community, you must be very familiar with Adobe Illustrator (AI). This is the right hand tool for any designer. In this blog, I’m going to introduce how to create a personal portrait in chibi style. Actually, this is a simple technique and everyone can understand. All steps are done by using basic tools in Illustrator. Let’s have some fun with this tutorial.


Step 1: Run AI and create a new document (File / New or Ctrl N): 

Step 2: Define your portrait size & design background. Use rectangle tool (M) to create a square with size 50x50cm. Select waves pattern & we have: 

Step 3:Drawing. Use pen(P) to draw the head first. A small tip: you can draw beforehand on paper and scan your drawing for quicker design on AI. Then fill color for your picture. In this example, I have: 


Next, draw the ears & neck for your character and complete the body form: 


Next thing is drawing the face. Draw eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes for your character. It depends on your drawing style to create the face. Be creative. But keep in mind that for a chibi character, the eyes are usually the focus point so the character will have big eyes, lovely cute face, big head in comparison with the body. Here is my result: 


Adding the body form and design clothes for your character.

Step 4:Complete your portrait. Polish the details so your character will look more beautiful. 


Be creative in making your character appearance. Chibi style is always reflected by the adorable look & simplified features. You can learn more about Chibi drawing HEREYou can also add some lovely animal images/stickers onto your background to emphasize your chibi character. 


Here are some other versions I made for my character: 


*Thank you for reading this small tutorial. Please leave me a comment below if you have any!


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