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27 Dec, 2016


Do you know what? After the latest updates on three extensions, we have worked hard so that now we are excited to release new updates on three extensions that are Joomla Mega Menu, Joomla CSS3 Mega Menu and Joomla Social Gallery. Let’s check it out to see what’s fixed and updated.

1. JUX Mega Menu – Version 3.2.8


As you know Joomla Mega Menu is the most completed and easy to use Joomla mega menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module and articles. It works beautifully with Joomla 3.x.

This responsive mega menu has been updated several times and now it reaches version 3.2.8 with some fixed features:

  • Fixed: mobile menu.
  • Fixed: scroll on IE.
  • Fixed: conflict style on template.

We hope with these fixed bugs, JUX Mega Menu will help your business run better than ever. It has been proofed by many 100 point reviews on JED site.

For download: Click here

Fore demo: Click here

2. JUX CSS3 Mega Menu – Version 1.0.9

Another mega menu extension that got updated this time. The latest version is now 1.0.9 with:

  • Fixed: mobile menu.
  • Fixed: scroll on IE.
  • Fixed: tooltip issue.
  • Removed: Google Font config.

To overview, JUX CSS3 Mega Menu works perfectly like JUX Mega Menu which allows you to display tons of contents in menu items including texts, images, modules and articles. Moreover, your mega menu can be styled easily by various options in its backend.

This Joomla CSS3 menu offers 10 pre-set styles and many options for your menu with more than 30 animation effects with left, right, center alignment for drop down menu. Awesome, right? By the way, it gets much praise on JED site, so you can absolutely assure.

For download: Click here.

For demo: Click here.

3. JUX Social Gallery – Verison 1.0.9


Well, the last one updated this time is nothing else but JUX Social Gallery. Known as one of the best joomla social gallery, it is a fast, easy- to- use and responsive Joomla social module which can automatically display pictures from social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, google plus or Flickr to your website’s gallery. Updated to version 1.0.9, you can absolutely display from your Facebook in gallery to make your album more perfect than ever. Worth a try, right?

For download: Click here.

For demo: Click here

And more updated templates are gonna be released!

Generally, those are 3 Joomla updated extensions developed by JoomlaUX team. I hope with these advanced features, you all can make your business more perfect as you wish. At this point of time, our team have put much effort on updating available templates and offer it as a New Year gift as well as a big thank from us for your support and your love, and we will release soon!



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