27 Mar, 2017

Hi Joomla users

Do you know what? Joomla has announced to release the latest version 3.7 soon. With over 700 improvements, including fantastic new features like custom fields, a multilingual association manager and an improved workflow, Joomla! 3.7 is clearly something to celebrate and it is easy to see why it has the Joomla! Community very excited.

What’s new in this version? Take a quick look here

Custom fields: use extra fields, including text fields, selects and 13 other field types.

Multilingual Associations Component: translate your content easily from a single, unified interface.

Backend Menu Manager: manage the administrator menu just like front-end, create a different configuration for each of your backend user groups.

Easier Extension Maintenance: prevent administrators from accidentally uninstalling needed extension package elements.

User Experience: User Experience is improved thanks to the display of global settings, a flatter backend template, the possibility to share sessions between apps.

Improved Workflow: create a category, article, and menu item all in one step from within the menu manager.

TinyMCE Improvements: include new buttons to easily add menu links and contacts as well as other improvements.

Want to know more: Click Here to view the whole list.

Joomla 3.7 will be a normal update just like previous 3.x versions. This is also a great time to connect with your hosting company and check your PHP and database versions. It is recommended to upgrade to PHP 7 or higher as it will bring a considerable speed boost toy our site.

When is version 3.7 expected to release?

The current road map plans for release by the beginning of April, but this is dependent on testing schedule. April is coming and Joomla version 3.7 is coming soon too.

More than release 

Jooma! also launched a brand-new design for joomla.org homepage with refreshed content to make users easily discover the Joomla world and find the desired information in a a wink. Let's take a look 

https://joomlaux.com/blog/item/118-hot-news-joomla-3-7-is-coming-soon.html,joomla 3x,new version

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