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01 Jun, 2017

Hi there,

It's great to meet you all here in this blog post with the very interesting topic I think you all - website owners have concerned about. Obviously, if you run your own site, especially business site, conversion rate is always one of the mainstream worries, even online advertisement is utilized to achieve that goal. A statistic showed that 84% of website conversions occur on the first visit.  As a result, I am happy to present 10 ways to convert your lead generation on the first visit under the agreement of Straight North and it is also a hello for June from both of us! Let's get started...

In the very last words, I want to say big thanks to effort of Straight North in study of 300,000+ validated online leads over two years and release of these valuable tips to convert website leads on the first visit. Hopefully, those will help you in reaching your conversion target. If you find these hacks useful, Like and Share it! 

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