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19 May, 2014

Dear valued customers,

We have an important news to announce: From May 19th 2014, www.joomseller.com is annexed to www.joomlaux.com, as a result, many of our practices changed, please read more below:

From May 19th 2014, www.joomseller.com is annexed to www.joomlaux.com and JoomlaUX will be rebuilt with brand new layout and payment method. To be more specific, some JSE extensions are moved to JUX store, those are JSE Mega Menu, JSE K2 Mega Menu, JSE Virtuemart Mega Menu, JSE Hikashop Mega Menu, JSE Redshop Mega Menu, JSE Joomshopping Mega Menu, JSE Real Estate.

Other JSE extensions, i.e JSE Event, JSE Donation, File Seller, JSE Slideshow, JSE Timeline Testimonial, JSE NewsFlash Scroller, JSE Mootool DropDown Menu will be exclusively available on CodeCanyon. You can find them at http://envato.joomseller.com/

JSE customers please read:

This means www.joomseller.com is now closed. We know that you would not be totally happy with this, although we hope you understand that this is a necessary step in our development plan. 

You can still access JSE products within 3 months from May 19th, by logging in at http://archived.joomseller.com/. Although the version number on the two sites may be different, all JSE extensions are latest updates, same as in JUX store (fixed bug updates included). This is because after the annexation, we moved up the version numbers in JUX site to mark the big change, however, it is causing confusion to JSE customers, we received many inqueries asking why is there differences, so we'd like to clarify that there is no difference at all, it was just a change of extension's name (from JSE to JUX), and there is no update in the code.  

Support for JSE customers is also sustained within 3 months from May 19th.In case of techincal issue, feel free to send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, you can still reach JSE team via old ticket support system. Note that although you may get an error notification when submitting ticket, the system still works fine and your ticket will still be submitted successfully, so please just ignore the notification. 

Please note that JSE team and JUX team are not the same. JUX is a separate team working on different projects, and they have their own site with their own products, therefore JSE memberships are not valid at www.joomlaux.com. Since JSE extensions are transferred to JUX, all further updates will be implemented by JUX team and will be available on their site only. 

As for JUX customers

We will be using a whole new support system. To submit new ticket, please visit www.joomlaux/support and follow our guide.

Regarding payment method, JUX will be inheriting JSE’s membership. If you don’t know about it yet, please read the details here.

We hope you’ll be happy with these changes. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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