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24 Nov, 2014

Good news for JUX Background Video’s customers. Version 2 of JUX Background video has been out with more options and functions. 

The most requested option has been received to add into the new version is: display video at the module position, and it is now available in the new update. From this version, you can choose to display full background video or just display it in the module position. 

We have done a lot of updates in this version, especially at the bar control in front-end.
You can show all of your video in the front-end as thumbnail and your visitors can next, back, choose start at any time. Moreover, visitors can on/off the sound, open full screen and watch the original video via Youtube link icon. 

In the back-end control, you can add more video to the playlist and shuffle the video just by drag and drop. 
In the new version, we offer more option for the overlay. You can choose either no overlay, or overlay with any color. If none of that is your choice, you can select overlay with pattern. We offer 15 patterns for you to choose and you still can add more patterns if you want. 

Hurry up to visit our demo to learn more about the new version and download it as soon as possible. 

Let us know your opinion in comment box below. 

To know more about our update and new extension, please visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


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