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19 Aug, 2015

This year, 2015 is Joomla! 10th birthday

The Joomla community have growth rapidly over the past 10 years and JoomlaUX is also a loyal member of this this community too.

As a young member of Joomla community, JoomlaUX is always trying our best to bring the best Joomla Templates and extensions for Joomla developers. 

We hope our efforts will contribute a significant part to the development of Joomla!

To celebrate the 10th Birthday of Joomla and also 70 years Independence of our country – Vietnam, we are very happy to give away 20% OFF for all of our Joomla Template and Joomla Extension Membership package from 19th August to 3rd September 2015 - GTM+7.

Please enter the coupon code: JOOMLA10 to get your discount and stay in touch with us via our social network sites to keep updating our activities. 

One IMPORTANT NEWS we would like to announce is: We are having a new Membership option for Joomla Developer which called: JOOMLA DEVELOPER LIFETIME - 199

With this new pricing plan, you will be able to download ALL of our Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions and: 

- Unlimited Domain Support 

- Unlimited Support duration 

- Unlimited download and update new version 

- No Renewal - you only need to pay once 

- 3 Professional Installation 

Don't hesitate and join us now!

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