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09 Aug, 2016

I believe that many Joomla users, including Joomla newbies know about Microdata, about what it is, but you all may forget its existence. Where is it on your Joomla! Site and its function? What is it used for? Do we have to do anything to enable it? Many questions may cross your mind, I know. Therefore, after my study, I want to give you a clear understand about Microdata in Joomla within a short article.

Firstly, you need to understand what Microdata is. Actually, Microdata is a way of adding contextual information to your website and its contents, allowing search engines to better understand the information you provide. To understand how Search Engines use Microdata information, take a look at short video: http://bit.ly/2aw3qbO

So, does Joomla support Microdata syntaxes? One more time, we have to clarify that Joomla doesn’t support all Microdata syntaxes but syntaxes relating to article and contact person. Here’s an example: 

So the question is that how can Microdata be added to Joomla! Site. Well, 2 easy methods will be presented right now!

Method 1:  Use templates override.

To add Microdata by using template override, you need to follow these steps:

  • Edit or Create a template override for single articles.
  • Open the file located in: templates/yourtemplate/html/com_content/article/default.php
  • Look for the div that works as container for article. This will often have a name like this “main-container”
  • Add itemscope itemtype=http://chema.org/article into the div, like this:

After that, you just need to add article markup properties and do a test to check if Microdata is correctly working in your site.

Method 2: Use 3rd party plugins.

You can find some suitable Joomla extensions for your need, such as Microdata Google Breadcrums for help. Almost all of them are free to download.

It’s the fact that everything is possible and what if you already enabled all settings, but the structured data testing tool still shows error. Maybe your template has overridden the code so Google can’t detect it. You should contact your template provider to make sure the template supports Microdata presentation or not.

If the Microdata is such amazing, does it help you to get higher ranking? Actually there are no proof or no documentation reported about how Microdata affects the keyword rank. But it can be sure that Microdata can help you get higher CTR because it catches the visitor’s attention effectively.

Wrap up         

Well, I have already presented to you some basic understanding about Microdata. I hope they can help you to utilize Microdata in your Joomla site in a right and effective way. If you have any question, feel free to leave comments below this post. Thank you so much!

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