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28 Feb, 2017

It’s right time of the year to evaluate your SEO strategies and examine the best ways to improve during 2017. If you already learned about 7 SEO tips in 2017 I posted a long time ago, this is the next right article or some additional tips to boost your SEO performance in 2017.

 1. Migrate to HTTPS://

Since Google began offering a ranking incentive to sites that use secure HTTPS rather than HTTP, the number of sites becoming encrypted has grown, including joomlaux.com. When your site works over https, clients feel safer and more secure to visit and provide their private information, especially if your website is open. If you are a client, would you like to buy from a website if you are unsure whether your details are safe or if the seller is legitimate?


You’ve probably seen the green padlock in your web browser’s address bar denoting the website is being securely served over HTTPS. In addition, non-secure HTTP sites have been given a red “not-secure” since January 2017.

It’s time to switch your website to HTTPS now! It is nearly a must if you want to improve your SEO activities.

2. Add values

As simple as it sounds, it’s important to create content with utilized value. It’s not just creating quality content but also knowing and understanding customers if you want to reach them to extend that content is useful and has more chances to be highly ranked in the search results for relevant queries.


How to add values?

  • Examining your existing content and find the most popular topics.
  • Knowing more about your audiences and finding out what they are wondering and asking about. Actually, it should be done regularly.
  • Do not hesitate to expand your niche area, provided that your content is still useful to users.

Keep in mind that “content is king” it is an important element to get traffic to your website. Spend much time to elaborate your content and you will get what you deserve for that effort.

3. Optimize visual content.

Visual content is more important than ever. If visual content (images or videos) are optimized, it absolutely affects to SEO results because it reduces the loading time of your site, which is good for ranking in searching results. Here are some points you need to take a look at to optimize visual content:

4. Keep your online footprint updated.

Go social, go online. Your online presence should be kept an eye on and interacted. It’s certainly a great idea to experiment with new platforms to promote your presence, but make sure you keep them up-to-date even if you stop using them. These details will help users find more about your business.


You can refer this task as a new task in your Calendar in 2017: create a spreadsheet to monitor your online presence and check it once a month at least to keep them updated.

5. Audit your baclinks

In October of last year, Google rolled out the final update to Penguin, the part of algorithm adjusting rankings based on their backlinks. With this update, Penguin now becomes a part of the core search algorithm, and updates in real-time. The result is that webmasters and SEOs need to be much more proactive.


Now it’s right time to perform a backlink audit and review state of your site’s links. Clear out any “toxic” links and plan a link building campaign to replace these with links meeting Google’s guidelines.


So there you have it, five SEO quickly actionable tips you can perform in March to take stock of your site’s current situation, resolve issues of SEO and prepare for a successful 2017. Do you have any shareable tips? I am happy to see your comments under this post :)



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