03 Apr, 2017

Dear JoomlaUX’s customers,

Firstly we want to express our deep thanks to your long-lasting support and using our products. We also want to express deep apology for bugs that you all have encountered. We will try to fix and release updates soon.

However, today we want to present one of the most common requests from customers that how to translate JUX templates and extensions' language into their favorite one. Pls follow the following instruction to get the job done. It’s a step-by-step one. Ready? Here we go!

Step #1: Install your target language

To install your desired language, you need to login first and navigate to Extension / Languages.

Then click “Install language” button right on the top.

Search for your wanted language via searching box, and then install it. Let’s take German as an example.

Then, you will see German language was successfully installed.

Step #2:

Pls visit language folder and you will see your German language folder right there named "de-DE" as the screenshot below. The default language file is meanwhile the default language is English with the file name as  "en-GB".

Step #3:

Open the "en-GB" file under that “de-DE” folder and copy two language files with syntax "namefile.ini" and "namefile.sys.ini" and paste to that "de-DE" file.


And then change "en_GB" into "de_DE"

Now you are free to translate your site into your target language by translating English available titles into your target language. That will take you some time to get the job done, but at last you will have your site in your favorite language.

Hard work pays off!

Everything needs effort to get completed. Hopefully the instruction will help you - our clients can do the translation job by yourselves and save support-getting time as sometimes you have to wait for us because of time difference. We will try to publish more solutions to such common problems to save your golden time, so the best way is to Keep in touch with us! we are happy to have you in our community!


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