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27 Feb, 2018

Joomla 4 seems a revolution that all Joomla users expect and hope about the time of Joomla template back. They are looking forward to exploring new features that make the Joomla platform one more time is one of the best powerful CMS Platform.

Users find Joomla 4 a minimal look with more convenient functions in both the front-end and backend that will attract more and more users back to this ever CMS Platform.

The post will cover you 6 new expected features that shine Joomla Version 4.

#1. Bootstrap 4 Integration

As you know, Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, JS framework for building responsive, mobile first project on webs. Being different with Joomla 3 using Bootstrap 2, Joomla 4 uses Bootstrap 4 which prevents conflict and backward compatibility issue.

#2. Back-end UI: Compatible and mobile-first

Joomla 4 comes with lots of improvements in the back-end UI that allow users easier to use. In detail, the back-end navigation is on the sidebar now with a collapsed option.

You will witness a modern and cleaner back-end UI with icons when click on the main menu to give space for the sub-menu bar.

#3. Coding Improvements

You get a chance to explore lots new improvements in coding at this version and experiencing simple and cleaner coding.

-          MVC Layer Improvement

Joomla 4 will restrict the duties of a component which is asked to only implement its own core functionality and everything else’s is pulled out into the system and make the extension cleaner for coding.

Developers need to use "command bus" to oversimplify to extend the functionality.

-          Orthogonal Component Structure

Following the orthogonal system, users will get two kinds of components

·         Vertical: Web links, Contacts, Users, Content, etc.

·         Horizontal: Versioning, translating, tagging, commenting, etc.

-          UI Components using modern technologies

Most of the components are developed with the new W3C standard: custom elements. And all of the themes use plain and optimized java scripts for performance that dedicates users a clean and well-organized HTML.

#4. New Front-end template

Joomla 4 shows you a new front-end template: Cassiopeia that integrated into Bootstrap 4 and is responsive.

#5. New Media Manager

Previously, we get some inconvenience in managing media file, and now with Joomla 4, we find an easier way to manage all actions in the media section from the image uploading, editing tool, to details adding for each image. So much convenient Now!

-          Drag-and-drop images uploading

-          Editing tool change

-          Detailed image information


#6. Simplified installation process

With Joomla 4, users experience an easier and simpler installation process with detailed steps also. But the more detailed and make the process easier. 

Step 1: Add site name Info

Step 2: Update Admin Account

Step 3: Update Database Info

Step 4: Customize Installation

Step 5: Install Sample Data

Step 6: Complete Installation


After all, are you looking forward to getting the real experience these new features in Joomla 4? Like you, we get much eager for this new version and hopefully, Joomla template will gain new success in 2018.  After the release of Joomla 4 Alpha and acknowledge the roadmap of Joomla 4 release plan, Joomla 4 is worth with our expectation.

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