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27 May, 2019

If you have a dynamic and customized website implemented on the Joomla platform, then integrating it with social media extensions becomes as necessary as implementing it with the best Joomla SEO extensions. JoomlaUX will help you implement most of

the social network activities right on your Joomla site. Then, this action will increase the conversion rate of the Joomla site with social visitors.

Showing Twitter feed right on the Joomla site with JUX Twitter Feed

One of the latest social Joomla extensions from JoomaUX – JUX Twitter Feed has been launched. It is a professional Joomla Twitter Feed module and an impressive social Joomla module. The Joomla module flexibly embeds Twitter feed and nicely display them on the Joomla site.

Especially, site visitors are able to perform all Twitter actions as Retweet, Reply, Like,  Follow, and Share right on the Joomla site that they are surfing. By this way, the Joomla module will grow your audience and get higher engagement.

Core Features:

    Username & hashtag option

    Testimonials Tweets

    5 hover styles

    Beautiful lightbox & sidebar widget

    Switchable Tweets Elements

Easily manage your pins with JUX Pinterest Feed

Now Pinterest users are easily displayed and manage the feed right on their Joomla site. The Joomla Pinterest module provides a complete solution to integrate your Pinterest account with your Joomla.

By this way, you can get a huge profit for your business from the visitors on your Joomla site to your Pinterest profile.

Core features:

    Easily manage boards & pins

    Feed customizations

    Profile integration

    Informative lightbox

    Color theme variations

Owning a perfect Instagram feed on the site with JUX Instagram Feed

JUX Instagram Feed now is the best-selling Joomla extension of JoomlaUX team. This module dedicates users a beautiful display of Instagram images on the website. You can do whatever you want in presenting your Instagram feed by using this flexible and easy-to-use Joomla module.

JUX Instagram feed exactly meets all the need that users want to do with the Instagram feed such as nicely presenting, uploading photos, and creating an eye-catching image set with flexible control in sizes and UI

Core Features:

    Different Slider Styles

    Various hover effect styles

    Convenient filter style

    Easily adjusting sizes

    Flexible UI control

    Popup Data

Embedding YouTube videos now is simple and easy with JUX YouTube Feed

This social Joomla extension gives you a solution in smartly organizing and nicely showing YouTube videos on the website. The module will enlarge your audience and keep them spend more time on your website with embedding YouTube Channel.

Particularly, JUX YouTube Feed allows you not only display randomly the latest videos from YouTube Channel but also set favorite Channels or Playlist, and select resource to use.

Core features:

    Smart Filter

    Adjustable UI Parameters

    Header customizations

    Video Preview Styles

    Animation Effects

Set up the social content locker with JUX Social Content Locker

The integration of the social content locker will improve the social performance of your website, get more likes/ shares and increase the traffic to the site. And that’s the reason why we create the JUX social content Locker.

It is a powerful Joomla module that helps to automatically lock your most valuable content such as video, article, link, etc. created on Joomla Content behind a set of social buttons until user tweet, share, or like your page.

Core features:  

    7 popular social buttons

    Easy-to-use configuration

    Simple back-end control

A complete solution to manage all social channels with JUX Social Tabs

Now Joomla users easily manage up to 16 social networks right on the Joomla site with JUX Social Tab. The module is a Joomla social module which combines 16 social networks profiles and unlimited feeds display into slick slide out or static tab with a directly real-time update on your site.

Core Features:

    16 social networks

    Automatically update your activities

    Slide out table and static tabs styles

    Simple Configuration

Nice popups by using JUX Social Popup

If you are finding an effective method to increase the number of followers in your social network sites. A social popup displays numerous social networks as like, share, follow buttons to impress your visitor and keep them interact with you via different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other 7 social network pages.

Core features:

    Popup styles variations

    Simple to use admin panel

    Various customizations

All considered things, each mentioned Joomla module will attract the traffic from a specific social channel to your Joomla site. When any ideas of integrating the Joomla social extension into your site for generating traffic on this site comes up in your mind, you must consider which of these extensions are appropriate with your goal then pick up one.  These Joomla social extensions effectively in rising the traffic on the Joomla site.

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