18 Jul, 2018

2018 is a challenge to the web design and web development field with lots of new regulations about the data protection such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  and other new rules on the biggest marketplace - Envato. In which, GDPR is an adjustment in EU law on data protection and privacy which is supposed to ease the regulatory framework for international business relations. 

However, if your products can steadily stand among these regulations, they will brightly shine. So, instead of explaining and feel uncomfortable with these rules, you should get 100% ready for them. In this article, I will help Joomla users get 100% ready with GDPR by noting some primary changes you must do in your Joomla site.

So, what is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new rule of the European Union to help their citizens can control their personal data which need set cookies under user s consent.

Following the regulation, Users can control their profile themselves on your site, they evenly are authorized to delete their account out of from your site. GDPR will comprehensively offer individuals more power to demand companies reveal or delete any personal data they hold on them.

So, that's the reason why consumers get concerned about GDPR a lot. And always hope that the product they are gonna use follow this rule. The articles will list that Joomla developers should do to be ready with GDPR. 

Which features should I do to fit with GDPR?

According to the new law, you must keep visitors of your site informed about the way you collect, store and use their data. Do it clearly and in time. Just make no secrets on it and avoid unexpected operations towards your users.

#1. Create a Privacy Policy

You should create a clear and understandable privacy policy that keep your visitors in the safe feeling. JoomlaUX team will check the policy of privacy again and make it clear and reliable.

By the way, Privacy dashboard also should be changed to fit this regulation. We will note you something you must care about Joomla privacy dashboard:

-Visit Components > Privacy: All requests sent from the front-end of the site will be stored here.

- Visit Pending > Confirmed > Completed: The administrator can move requests. There's also an "Invalid" option if users don't respond to the confirmation email.

#2. Request User Consent

You must keep visitors of your site informed about the way you collect, store and use their data. To be honest, getting and tracking consent is a difficult problem and there's a lack of clarity around the law.

#3. An API for extension developers

And this feature is a challenge for extension developer’s which requires not only does Joomla need to build the platform to store data, but need to build their own integrations. So, we must find a reliable with the regulation.

What should JoomlaUX do right now?

-    Update your privacy policy to be clear about what data you collect and why you're doing it.

-    Update your "Contact Us" page to allow people to reach you about privacy issues.

-    Analyze your company’s current use of data

-    Make a legal basis for processing the data of visitors to your site

-    Get permission to conduct marketing campaigns

-    Get assured that third-party applications on your site comply with the GDPR

These above changes will make your Joomla site ready with GDPR and keep your customers in data safety. You should update your products to GDPR version to get the trust from your customers and keep your Joomla Products in trend. Our team is checking and updates most of Joomla Extensions and templates to fit with this regulations.  Please keep your eyes on our site to get the latest update. Thank You!

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