30 Jul, 2019

Are you looking for the most suitable Joomla social extensions for your website? You can refer to this collection of Joomla extension that we have chosen for you!

So see which Joomla social extensions must obtain for your site now.

This article will list 15 best Joomla social extensions which will raise the site traffic. 

1. JUX Instagram Feed

JUX Instagram Feed is the best Joomla Instagram Extensions. This module dedicates users to a beautiful display of Instagram images on the website. By using this flexible Joomla module you can do everything you want to do Instagram feed such as nicely presenting, uploading photos, and creating an eye-catching image.

Main features:

- Display your Instagram feed with different slider styles.

- Freely select the hover you like most from 5 styles.

- Automatically adjust to fit images and content with any of your screen.

- Feeling a good experience with smart filter types.

- Easily show or hide your essential information from images and popup data.

- Flexibly control all UI features and sizes.

2. JUX Facebook Feed

Nowadays, Facebook has taken over the entire social network scene. With JUX Facebook Feed you can increase your audience and participation in your website visitors. JUX Facebook Feed is also a simple way to add Facebook content to Joomla website. 

Main features:

- Support 3 main types of Facebook content including pots, photos and videos.

- Like and share button to let your visitors react and share all the content.

- Fully responsive and adaptable content perfect for any mobile device.

- Fully customizable header like the color, the cover, the name, showing the menu or not.

- Attracts more visitors with more than 7 different hover styles.

3. JUX Twitter Feed

If you are finding a method to construct an impressive Twitter feed, you can think about JUX Twitter Feed. The module is a smart way to increase your audience and engagement with site visitors by providing Tweets actions as retweet, reply, like, and share right on the Joomla site. Additionally, this module deserves users the easy management with flexible customizations and more options with ease.

Main features:

- Display tweets by using the username and popular hashtag.

- Easily show testimonial tweets to spread the trust from the Twitter profile.

- Five attractive hover styles.

- Beautiful lightbox and slider widget.

- Easily switch any tweets elements.

4. JUX Youtube Feed

Youtube has a range of uses and benefits for businesses and companies that can complement those offered by other communication channels. Embedding Youtube on your Joomla site is a necessity if you want to market their business and connect to your customers.

JUX Youtube Feed gives you a solution to display Youtube videos on the website. You can display randomly the latest videos from Youtube Channel and set favorite channels or playlist. This module will grow your audience and keep them spend more time on your website. 

Main features:

- Smartly organize and show Youtube videos on your website.

- Fully Responsive and Retina ready Module.

- Adjust flexible UI parameters.

- Fully customizable header as the logo, banner, channel name, subscribers, and so on.

- Various video preview styles like video classic, video cinema, video horizontal, and video hide the information.

- Make popup a handy element.

5. JUX Pinterest Feed

JUX Pinterest Feed is an awesome tool for your Joomla site. Displaying it on your website will create a huge profit for your business. Like other Joomla extensions, JUX Pinterest Feed also helps you everything you need to grow your community from the Pinterest profile.

Main features:

- Look perfect on any screen.

- Easily manage boards and pins.

- Freely choose the hover you love most from 9 styles.

- Customize your feed with ease.

- Easily switch pin elements.

6. AMPZ Social Sharing

AMPZ Social Sharing is an amazing Joomla social extension. With AMPZ Social Share buttons you can increase your sales and drive more traffic to your Joomla website. AMPZ can display social sharing buttons anywhere on your website as well as multiple static positions for the popular social networks including WhatsApp and Telegram. Besides, most social sharing plugins are compatible with all Joomla components. 

Main features:

- Privacy: AMPZ cares about your website visitor’s privacy.

- Sharing Statistics: Get insights on the social networks people share your content on.

- Shortcodes: Place the buttons anywhere you like on your website.

- Multilingual button labels.

7. JUX Social Stream

JUX Social Stream combines all of your different social network site interactions into a single network stream or displays them on a Wall in masonry style. This is a perfect way to increase the conversion rate with your website. 

Main features:

- 15 social network channels supported.

- List and Wall Layout are available.

- Social networking share via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin.

- Change the social config setting to tab layout.

8. JUX Social Gallery

JUX Social Gallery is a responsive Joomla social module that you can automatically display pictures from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google plus or Flickr to your website’s gallery. You can easily manage the gallery by including/excluding albums, flexible configuration of images, and display images on neat and fit frame size.

Main features:

- Fully compatible with Joomla! 3.x.

- Fully responsive.

- Support including/excluding gallery.

- Limit number of album is available.

9. JS Social Slider

JS Social Slider is an innovative, responsive Joomla extension that will supercharge your social sharing and following in a beautiful way. This module is created from the perspective of being intuitive and easy to use. 

Main features:

- Float or static placement.

- Popular social media.

- Drag and drop icons ordering.

- Ajax contact form included.

10. My Social Timeline

My Social Timeline is a unique social component for Joomla familiar with Facebook Timeline. This is a Joomla Component which shows the lastest updates such as posts, tweets, blogs, pins, photos, videos, bookmarks, and diggs from all major social networks on Facebook.

Main features:

- Social connect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

- Api based connect google plus, foursquare.

- Advanced caching.

- The mashup of social networks.

11. Facebook Wall Feeds

Facebook Wall Feeds shows fully customized wall posts of the facebook page. Using this module will allow you to fetch the Facebook page/account feeds in their Joomla site. It will grab Facebook wall posts, photos, and videos automatically and display feeds by simply connecting to your Facebook account.

Main features:

- All browser compatible.

- Fast and smooth loading.

- Graph API usage.

- Manage the height and width of the module.

12. Advanced Twitter Display

Advanced Twitter Display is an advanced Twitter Feeds and Twitter Sidebar Display module for Joomla. Advanced Twitter Display has various twitter features including the option to set twitter width, twitter height, twitter auto width for new twitter results and twitter scrollbar among others. This module is easy to install and take a few minutes to configure. It will be a great addition to your website.

Main features:

- Self Explanatory Customization Options.

- Can change the Link Color.

- Two themes available.

- Can display Twitter Feeds in other languages.

13. Instagram Widget Slider

Using the Instagram Widget Slider you can setup Instagram feeds on your Instagram account with high-quality photos. This module can be used for displaying your Instagram account media directly onto the website, without visitors having to travel to Instagram. 

Download Instagram Widget Slider today in order to take full advantage of all the social media benefits of Instagram.

Main features:

- A free and easy download and installation process.

- Customize the width and height of the Instagram display.

- Control the amount of photos displayed on your Instagram slideshow.

14. LinkedIn Widget Slider

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. With the help of LinkedIn Widget Slider, all professional websites could benefit from expanding their LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn Widget Slider allows website visitors to view your LinkedIn profile, and LinkedIn pages directly from your website. This module can be freely downloaded and installed for all Joomla websites. You can download LinkedIn Widget Slider for your website today.

Main features:

- Free and easy to use.

- Easily display your professional qualifications.

- Gain LinkedIn connection.

- Advanced slideshow display.

15. Flickr Suite

The Flickr Suite is a full featured, responsive and versatile plugin to display Flickr photos and Flickr videos beautifully on your Joomla website. This module offers the most profound Flickr integration for Joomla. Clever use of module positions lets you seamlessly integrate the Flickr Suite into your template.

Main features:

- Social sharing support.

- Intelligent image loading only loads images when they are in the browser’s viewport.

- Multiple thumbnailgrids.

- All Fickr media and selections.

With our collection of the best and most flexible Joomla social extensions, it will be easy for you to integrate social into your website. Hopefully, you can find what you want in this article.


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