08 Aug, 2019


Are you looking for adding Google Maps on your Joomla site? If you want to display a clean and well-designed map on your website, you can get the best collection of Joomla Google Maps Extensions with powerful features.

JUX Google Maps Pro


JUX Google Maps Pro is a new and cool Joomla module that allows you to easily add Google Maps to your website. It comes with easy to use interface and with advanced settings to help you easily customize your map appearance and controls. Moreover, the module allows users to create customizable Google Maps for your Joomla site with unlimited markers containing locations, descriptions, images, links, and directions. You also can style your Joomla Google Map builder for a perfect suitability with the Joomla site.

Module features:

- Display unlimited location markers.

- Set rich informative card including Images, Address, Title, Description, Phone, Email and more.

- Show the directions to your place.

- Conveniently control the place you care.

My Maps Location 


My Maps Location is the most powerful Google Maps integration for Joomla. The module allows users to select location, record, categorize and display locations on a global Map. Besides, My Maps Location load automatically how far the visitor is from you, a shop, or any location that you have located. Moreover, if you don’t want to use Google Maps, the module can replace it by Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap.

Module features:

- Point your location directly on Google Map or use predictive search.

- Automatic filled location information (latitude and longitude).

- Add multiple tag to locations and setup as filters.

- Designed market icon sets.

- SEO meta data on locations.

- Switch the locations with a drop down list on detailed view.

- Add some information to the location like images, description, hours,…

- Google Maps language sync with Joomla language.

Store Locator


Store Locator for Joomla provides a rich interface to search and display dealer/office locations for a company who owns offices in multiple locations using Google Maps. The module allows visitors to search for nearby locations and see them visually on a Map. Additionally, this module supports you to search by Closet Proximity within chosen Radius which is very convenient to calculate the distance automatically. You can search by any location that Google Maps can understand.

Module features:

- Mobile friendly and responsive layout theme.

- Map & Geocode Regionalization (keep search within a specific Country).

- Support unlimited store locations and categories, with numerous field options available.

- Customize the marker icons – over 90+ icons included or upload your own.

- Automatic distance calculations with search by closet proximity within chosen radius.

- Users can search by anything Google maps understands.



VMap Component is a uniquely designed Joomla Google Maps Extension that allows you to put anything from your database on Google Maps. You can create many maps which you want based on different settings. In addition, you can add many markers to any position on the Maps. Moreover, it also allows you to bulk import your markers into any existing Map from CSV File. Additionally, VMap has various configuration options in Backend to make customization your Map. Plus, only one click, users can get the directions to any Listing easily.

Module features:

- Support different map types eg Road map, hybrid, relif and satellite.

- Define centre point and default zoom lavel.

- Ability to display infowindow information of all markers in a list, visible on viewport.

- Ability to add different color Polyline between markers.

- Ability to configure most of the control options.

Shack Locations


Another great Joomla module which display Google Maps is Shack Locations. Because, you can create a location-based directory in Joomla. Additionally, you can create advanced directories with custom maps, markers, infoboxes and hundreds of locations. You can also add details to your locations using custom fields and give your users the ability to search and filter through the locations.

Module features:

- Multiple locations in a single map.

- Automatically create a list of locations.

- Filter your locations on your map.

- Excellent SEO support.

Ideal Store Locator


Ideal Store Locator is a Joomla module for quickly and easily presenting the location/store of your offices with a Google Maps. Packed with Geo Location and Google Maps Direction your customers will never be lost again getting to your locations. The store finder will be able to list of nearby stores/contacts around your web visitors from nearest to the furthest distance away. 

Module features:

- A powerful and elegant store locator for your website.

- Auto complete address search.

- Display the information on the map in a simply way with Marker Cluster.

- Optimized for mobile devices.

PS Advance Store Locator Google Map

PS Advance Store Locator Google Map is the Google Maps module which supports you to put your stores, distributors, locations listing on Google Map. The module provides you a very quick and simple way to put your wide or small range of locations from the database on a Google Map. Moreover, you can display multiple locations on a single page with google map cluster functionality. You can also customize your Google Map as per your way with configuration options in Backend. 

Module features:

- Support different Google Map style types.

- Compatible with all the modern browsers.

- Multiple markers on the single map.

- Define default map point and default zoom level.

- Ability to add your text in inforwindow for each marker with WYSIWYG Editor.

Hotspots Pro

Hotspots Pro brings the power of Google Maps to your site. The module is a highly configurable Google Maps marker manager released for Joomla. Hotspots also supports multiple & nested categories with different icons for your locations so that users can easily and quickly find you.

Module features:

- You can show the Jomsocial & community Builder users on a map.

- Matukio integration – ability to show your event on a map.

- Give your users the ability to create route planning.

- Mailing of current map.

- 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker.


Joommap is an easy to use responsive Joomla module that can mark multiple locations on Google Maps. You can create an advanced map based directories easily. Furthermore, the module allows you to define the content for each location using CCK functionality and give your users the ability to search and filter using familiar UI elements.

Module features:

- Includes over 100+ custom designed marker pins.

- Responsive and work on any device.

- Choose map type: Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain.

- Fullscreen functionality to the map view using the HTML5 Fullscreen API.

- Google FitBounds methods support.

Geek Google Map

If you want to display Google Map following to various map types, Geek Google Map is the best choice. This module provides 4 map types including Road Map, Satellite Map, Hybrid Map and Terrain Map. You can easily setup map style with Visual Map Winzard. Additionally. Geek Google Map comes with a simple to use back-end control panel and various advanced settings to helps you be able to easily customize a map to fit your website.

Module features:

- Support get marker list from date files or URL.

- Support multiple pointers.

- Support various map mode are Normal map, Direction, Polyline, Poligon.

- Full settings for map controls.

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