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04 Dec, 2019

A website Facebook Chat Support System is absolutely necessary when you have a product website. If you want to move your site, you will need a tool to help you. Now let come and build a successful site with the top best Joomla Live Chat extensions in 2019

1. JUX Facebook Chat

The Facebook Chat by JoomlaUX allows you to integrate your Facebook experience directly into your website. Adding Facebook Chat to your site gives customers immediate access to help via Facebook Message. This is an easy way to support and keep in contact with your customers. Additionally, this module provides many powerful functions for your site like show popup message you want, show by time, very easy to install and custom. It is a really great live chat extension that helps your business save time and cost.
• Display prominently.
• Lightweight plugin.
• Simple to use and install.
• Can insert the module in articles.
• It can change the language.
• It can show the popup message you want.
• Can custom greeting text.
• Can custom color messenger.
• The select page you want to show.
2. Geek Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chat developed by Geek is the quickest for your website audience to send their messages to you and get their questions answered. The component enables you to handle an unlimited number of customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week processing data and assisting customers. With Facebook Chat installed on a web page, you will be in touch with your customers at any time and regardless of your place.
• Sending messages to all subscribed users.
• 11 Message Type Variants
• Control the Conversation
• Smart and Flexible Keyword
• Multiple Chat at the same time.
3. REVE Chat – Live Chat Tool

REVE Chat is a multi-channel based live chat software that provides instant assistance to your website visitors for better customer service and boosts sales conversions. The difference of this module is it provides not only the text message but also the voice and video chat which help you to talk to your customers using voice/ video chat right inside your web or mobile app with click to call solution.
• Provides Voice/ Video Chat.
• Screen sharing & Co-browsing.
• Department Management.
• Chat Monitoring.
4. Formilla Live Chat

The Formilla Live Chat extension is a module will allow your visitors to chat with you if they have any questions or need support. This module offers the out-of-the-box Formilla Live Chat web interface which is useful to install live chat with real-time visitor monitoring to your Joomla website in just a few minutes.
• Chat via iPhone/ iPad and Android Devices.
• Language Support (International).
• Smart Messages.
• Marketing Automation.
5. JChatSocial

JChatSocial is a new chat app to communicate and share data with other Joomla users in an easy way on your site. This module will help you increase user interactivity on your website. It adds chat and much more in minutes. In the case your site users to collaborate on your site using their desktop and mobile. This module can be used as a plain chat or a helpdesk.
• Private messaging system.
• Social login with Facebook, Google and Twitter.
• Geolocation with Google map.
• Multiple chat rooms.
6. Social Messaging

Joomla Social Message is a wonderful plugin for Joomla users, it provides a functionality by which Joomla site admin can provide a social messaging feature for Twitter and Facebook users on his Joomla website. This module is very easy to use with any user, you just need login to these social platforms can message directly to Joomla site admin’s social account using this extension.
• Fully configurable.
• Message option is available on Facebook and Twitter.
• A user can send message easily.
• Admin can enable/ disable WhatsApp Messaging as per interest.
7. Live Support Chat by Social Intents

Live Support Chat for Joomla is simply the easiest and most effective live support chat solution in the market. This module lets you receive new live chat notifications right in your browser or via email. Especially, you don’t need additional software, you can start with 20 chats a month for free!
• Always Free Plan.
• Unlimited simultaneous chats.
• Unlimited agents on Premium Plans.
• No additional software required.
8. JO Facebook Live Chat

JO Facebook Live Chat will help you creating facebook/ messager chat support just in minutes! Using this module you can easily customize text, color header, text color and so on in module config. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 2.5, 3.x and 4.x website.
• Worked fine on joomla 2.5, 3.x and 4.x.
• Friendly and flexible configuration.
• HTML/CSS validation.
• Customize text, color header, text color… in module config.
• Multiple Chat at the same time.
9. onWebChat

onWebChat is a free Joomla live support extension which you should add to your website to help you chat with your customer. The module also allows you to chat with your site visitor and monitor your site traffic in real-time. It will help you support your customers quickly and effectively.
• Fully customizable live chat widget.
• Real-time visitor monitoring.
• Transfer chats between operators.
• Show/hide live chat widget on mobiles.
10. Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat is a simple extension that integrates Facebook Chat functionality in your Joomla website. This module will help you get chat notifications on your smartphones whenever someone starts the conversation on your website. Your customers just need to log in to your Facebook account, send you a message and then they can continue the conversation with you via Facebook. It is very easy to use and useful to increase customer interactions and sales.
• Simple, Light and Easy to setup.
• Stable and works on latest Joomla version.
Chat Extensions lets bots provide interactive, social features that users can invoke directly into their conversations. Choosing will provide the best customer service support and help you increase your sales. Do you like it? Don’t forget to share with your friends and visit our Joomla Extensions to find more special extensions for Joomla site. If you have any questions about this post, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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