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23 Jul, 2015

August is coming. It means that wedding season is upon us. So, if you want to build a site for your wedding, it’s best to start now!

To help you create a perfect wedding website (Wedsite), here are several tips we want to share :) 

Choose a personal, memorable domain




We recommend choosing an URL that contains both your names in it. Avoid general domain names like ourperfectwedding.com, wearegetingmarried.net etc. You don’t want that some guests wander the wrong site and clicking on someone else’s registry link, do you?

So, try to make it personal, add something  special  and exclusive to you that your family and friends can relate. A large number of websites go with BrideandGroom or GroomBrideWedding formula, but if both your names are extremely common, it’s highly likely that such simple combination has been taken, there are other options though, for example:







Small tip: Do you realize that capitalizing some letters makes a big difference when you put it in print? It increases the readability significantly and helps people to memorizing the domain, don’t forget that when including it in Save-the-date card!

Make it personal


A wedding website’s purpose is to tell the world that you are getting married, so make sure that it portrays you as a couple.

Along with Save-the-date card, wedsite is usually the first aspect of your wedding that people will see, so try a design that echoes your personality and aesthetic taste.

Take time to define a style first: fun, hip, whimsical or sweet, elegant and formal. It would be great if the style of your site matches that of your wedding, of course it would require planning quite a bit ahead though.

Next, develop content to introduce you two and tell your story. Every couple has their unique story and wedsite is a great place to share it to people. What approach is up to you to choose, there is no principle or standard for this at all.


You can chronicle your time together stating with how you met, how you developed feelings for each other, then how you started dating, finally how you decided to start life together.

Another way of doing this is to let the bride and groom write different parts of the story from their own point of view. That means having two narrators and they switch lines alternately. It will feel more real, as if they are there in front of reader, telling their story.

"I rushed to the bridge where she’s waiting…"

"I spotted him from afar, wearing the same T-shirt that he wore on the day of our first date…"

"I held her hand, take a deep breath and said the magical words"

"At that time, the combination of surprise and joy almost bought me to tears. I said Yes without hesitation.”

And don’t overlook small, little details. Add personal touch by changing font and color of site’s elements. Extra customization might be needed to bring out the desired ambiance.

Restrict access to personal information


If you have contents on your site that you don’t want to show to everyone, for example details of your wedding that you want to keep from inquisitive eyes, you can protect them with password that only family and close friends know.

There are several Joomla extensions that help lock content or page with a password. Try the followings:

·         LoginToRead: allows setting password for K2 articles

·         JLex Block: help protecting content of any page

·         Extranet: allows securing downloadable files

Also, creating a secure area for bridesmaids and best-men is a great way for using wedsite to discuss the wedding plan privately and effectively.

Online RSVP form

RSVP form

One of the best upside of wedding website is online RSVP form. RSVP form not only time-saving, it also reduces our impact on earth. So, don’t forget this important section on your site, make use of it to allow your guest to respond to your invitation the quickest and most convenient way.

Registry information

Don’t shy yourself from the idea of posting links to your registries on your wedding site. It’s almost a standard now. However, wedding etiquette consultants tell us to be discrete. Never put it on top of the landing page, nor highlight it on the menu. If your site is one-page, it’s best to leave it at the bottom. If multi-pages, create page called Gift Registries and put it near the end of the navigation bar.


Your guests will definitely want to send you wishes and to express their thoughts on your wedding. That’s why you should feature an interactive guestbook on your site. Aside warm blessings, they can also make suggestions for honeymoon or contribute to planning the wedding.

You can choose to integrate social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, to the site so guests can leave comments using their own social account. JUX Wedding – our responsive tasteful wedding template supports doing so.

Keep updating after the big day

Even after you tied the knot, continue to update content to your website.

First, because not everyone invited could come to the wedding, right? Let them know how the ceremony went by posting pictures and videos.

Secondly, it can be used to give your guests a sincere “Thank you” message. People will definitely touched if they revisit the site and know that you appreciate their attendance.

Thirdly, there is honeymoon after wedding, why not use the site to share those sweet moments

Hope those tips will help you build up a perfect wedding website ;) 

Keep in touch with us via our social channel and leave us your thought about this article by comment in the comment box bellow. 



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