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07 Sep, 2015

Don’t judge me when I said "playing with Joomla" because I think it’s really fun when learning and working with this CMS. It might be hard for us when just step into learning such complicated things like Joomla but once we have understood about that, it's not boring and difficult at all.

So the question is: How to create a successful Joomla website? – Easy: Let’s play with it and be ready with the skills I listed below.

1. Basic Joomla Skills

joomla basic

Before become a professional in any field, we all have to start from the basics - either with Joomla.

There are several factors that help you build up a basic Joomla website and you must understand it before moving on.

- What is component, modules, and plug-in? – You can get the answer at here

How article and categories work in Joomla?

- How to build menus with different types of menu items? – One of the bestselling product about Joomla menu is JUX mega menu and you can get it at here.

2. Basic HTML Skills

HTML skills

For a web developer, you should put some basic knowledge about HTML in your pocket so that your life will be much easier when building a Joomla website.

I strongly believe that during the process of building your Joomla website, you will need to add some custom HTML modules on your site, adjust the code of articles or modify your template, etc. At that time, you will realize how important basic HTML skills are.

As a web developer and provider, JUX team has received a lot of questions about custom products every single day and we also know a lot of customers do not know anything about HTML. It’s quite pity when you are building a Joomla site without any knowledge about HTML. So my advice is get back to the basic first before you continue with delicacy. You can start your lessons with W3 School – one of the most popular resource for learning the basics of HTML.

3. Basic CSS skills

CSS skills

If HTML is the body, CSS would be the dress and they are BFF ;)

CSS will help you take a huge advantage when customize your website and you can make your site more brilliant by using CSS. Everyone loves beauty and CSS is a perfect tool to help you create your beautiful website.

“CSS is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation, including elements such as the layout, colors, and fonts.” – Wikipedia

To learn more about CSS, you also can visit W3 School website and start your journey.

4. Writing Skills


You might heard about this for thousand times but the truth is always live for a lifelong “CONTENT IS THE KING”

To make your site stand out from the crowd, its content have to be unique and really good quality.

A beautiful website will attract customers at the first sight but a good content will keep your customers for the whole life.

It’s not easy to make the content attracting people, but it’s possible to do it.

First of all, the topic have to be on trend which appealing your audiences.

Second, write in your own words by your own voice. Let’s make every article you write become your personal statement, so that when people reading the articles or blogs they will know that is you.

Third, present your documentation clear with good structure, and easy to follow.

All of those basic things will keep customers stay in touch with you and send more traffic to your site.

To make your site more interesting, keep writing about different topics and don’t hesitate to write something new. Read more, write more, and you will gain more audiences for sure.

5. SEO Skills

SEO skills

Good contents will keep your audiences with you but it’s not lead people come to you. So, SEO is necessary tool to help you get more customers and increase your site traffic as well as ranking on Search Engine.

There are a lot of document about SEO online so you can search for it and learn more about that.

Last but not least is your patience.


Building a Joomla website is not just for few days, it might take for months or years. Sometimes you will feel tired and disappointed because you have no viewer, no customer; but if you keep working hard, believe in what you do and keep your patience, one day you will reach your final goal.

Good luck and wish you will build up a perfect Joomla website with those skills !!!


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