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15 Sep, 2015

It's been 6 months since we have added more than 20 templates to our product category. From then till now, we have received a lot of queries about changing template color and how to create multi-language for the template. Therefore, in this articles, I will show you guys how to create multi-language for your Joomla site.

1. Language and menu configuration

Step 1: Go to language Manager


language manager



Step 2: Install new language for your site


install new language

Step 3: Create new language content


new language


Step 4: Create Menu for each language and menu for all language


create menu


Step 5: Create menu item for Menu – All (you need this because Joomla requires a “Default page” to be set for each language, in addition to a default page for All language). 


menu item


This menu need only a menu item. Have something you must note here:

- Default page: choose Yes

- Language: choose All




Step 6: Create menu item for Menu – English

You must notice highlight




The important here is default page (Homepage) for language:

- Default page: choose Yes

- Language: select UK


default page

Step 7: Create menu item for Menu – French:

That similar Menu – English. You notice default page and language choose French.


2. Template configuration

Step 1: go to template manager


template manager


Step 2: Configure template for default language. Example here we use English as default language


config template


You should notice highlight. Tab Navigation Menu must choose Menu English




Step 3:Configure template for French language.

First you need duplicate template style (create new template style)




Select template style then click duplicate.

Configure for template style has just created:




- Change name

- Select language

- Select menu is French


3. Module language switcher and plugin configuration

Step 1: Enable plugin language

Go to plugin manager then search language plugin and enable them.




Step 2: Enable module language switcher

Go to modules manager




If don’t have this module you can create new one by click NEW button


module type


Enable this module and assign on all page


assign module


4. Result at front-end

English Language


english language


When click on French Icon you will go to French language


french language

5. Set up multi-language modules

Example here we will use module Articles Category from Joomla Content component

Step 1: Create Joomla categories for languages




Create a category for English and other category for French

Step 2: Create articles for each category



Step 3: Create new module Articles Category




Module for English:


module for english


- Tab Assignment select menu item you want to display (here is all English menu item)


assignment tab


- Tab Filtering Option select Category is English Category




Similar you create module French Articles


french module


P/s: If you want to show one module in both language you can assignment On all pages and Language is All.

6. Result menu at front-end

English module result 


module result




French module result


french result


Hope with this guide line, you will be easily follow and create your multi-language joomla site.
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  • Nice tutorial!
    Thanks very much!

    • posted by GDragon
    • Thursday, 19 November 2015 10:32
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