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23 Sep, 2016

If you have a business of any size or type, you already know that you must have a website if you are going to be successful. In this age of information and the Internet, people expect to find businesses online. You don’t need just a website but a good and interactive one, and to achieve that, it should include these essential features in order to keep up with your competitors. Therefore, I’m so exciting to present top 10 essential features among lots of features for every business site right now and here’s the first 5 ones. Read it and share!

1. Responsive website

Obviously, no one wants a site that only works on desktop or mobile. People will look at your website on their computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It is vital that your website is mobile-friendly or responsive. To achieve it, you can consider to use a web development platform that will automatically adjust the website to the device, and a great option is nothing else but Joomla!, really. You may consider between Joomla! CMS and WordPress CMS, but in terms of e-commerce or business site, Joomla! CMS is the best choiceClick here to know why.

2. Better “About us” page

“About us” is the essential part that may impress visitors at the first sight, so make it interesting and attractive. Put the face of your company on that with some of your primary members also contact information then it may help gain trust from your visitors and convert them into customers. Whoever you put on “about us” page, make them shine with successful projects of your company and it would help, surely.

3. Friendly menu

Yeah, it’s not a website without menu. Everyone knows that. However, how to build a good and multiple menu is always a big question. How to help visitors quickly find out what they are seeking on your site? Menu is the guide in this situation. You can totally buy a theme or template and its provider already designed menu for you, but you may experience the dissatisfaction because it doesn't suit your taste, simply.

Hold on! Do you want to spend much money for a template or theme while you just need to change your menu style? If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my budget. So any recommendation? Of course there is. The solution is Joomla Mega Menu extension which perfectly meets your requirements about a flexible menu supporting various types of content. With beautiful layout style and smooth effects, especially no coding is required, so it’s a piece of cake to build a menu that fit your site with fully control backend!

4. Navigation at the top

You need to be sure that the navigation bar is always on the top of every page to guide users and let them know where they are. This is extremely important because if your visitors get flooded in tons of information and have no idea of where they are or what they are reading, they will leave your site sooner or later. Pin it in your mind!

5. Fresh images and content

Surely, images and content are always the most important parts in your site. Without content, your site is nothing, and the same with images. Visitors rarely want to read anything without images. However, never try to fill your pages with as much information as possible but the qualified content. Don’t distract users from what they are looking for. If their needs are met, they will be converted into your customers. Every pages should be fresh with clear and helpful content.

Regarding images, make sure that your images is at as smallest size as possible to minimize the page loading time. To optimize images for your website, please click here.

Wrap up

Well, I have presented to you all the first 5 essential features for every business page. Does it help? Let me know your thought and feeling, and don’t forget to follow us on social medias to get updated the rest part of this topic. It will be released soon! Don't forget to follow us !



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