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23 Oct, 2013

[New Extension] 3 New Extensions Released

JoomlaUX is back with October new releases: JUX GalleryJUX Background Slideshow and JUX Background Video.

Let's take a closer look at them!

JUX Gallery

Details | Demo

JUX Gallery is not just about showcasing your image gallery. It also displays your images in a justified grid using jQuery - so no matter the image's size is, the component will make it automatically align with other images.

19 Aug, 2013

[Infographic] Higher Rankings and Basic SEO for your Joomla Site

Check out the new infographic we made from Joomla! Magazine blog: Higher Rankings and Basic SEO for your Joomla! Website

In this infographic, you will learn about basic SEO practices to improve your site's ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Feel free to share, tweet and pin this infographic! >>Tweet this<<

Click read more to view full image!

14 Jun, 2013

JUX Portfolio(1.6.0) released

New version of JUX Porfolio has been released with many new fixes and changes. Take a look at the change log:

- Fix major problem: Portfolio runs slowly on Android and iOS.

27 May, 2013

JoomlaUX new Support System - Faster, easier and friendlier

We just removed our older support system since it was slow and inefficient for both admin and users to control the ticket submitted. We upgraded to a more flexible support sysem here: http://support.joomlaux.com/ powered by Kayako Fusion.

Here you can submit new ticket, get news and annoucement from JoomlaUX, or finding knowledgebase of JUX extensions as well as solutions for popular questions submitted via ticket system (in Troubleshooter section).


- After submitting a ticket, you'll receive an email with password to log in to our support system and track your ticket status. Please check your email inbox (email you used when submitting ticket) to view the password.

16 Mar, 2013

Social Media Tabs module is here

Covering 19 social media networks, Social Media Tabs helps you take advantages of your social pages by real-time updates, allowing quick & direct interaction with popular social pages on modern designed, space-saving tabs. That's what it said on our Home page about Social Media Tabs.

And it's true.

Let me take you to a little closer look at the best of Social Media Tabs.

02 Feb, 2013

Create portrait avatar in Chibi style by Adobe Illustrator

If you are in designer’s community, you must be very familiar with Adobe Illustrator (AI). This is the right hand tool for any designer. In this blog, I’m going to introduce how to create a personal portrait in chibi style. Actually, this is a simple technique and everyone can understand. All steps are done by using basic tools in Illustrator. Let’s have some fun with this tutorial.

28 Jan, 2013

JUX Portfolio 1.5 & JUX Slideshow 1.5 released

JoomlaUX has good news for you today: latest version of JUX Portfolio & JUX Slideshow has been released. Check out the updates:

JUX Portfolio 1.5

View Demo | Download

  • Fixed bugs for iOS6 devices
  • Added option “Select Category” for “Menu Default Items”: now you can choose one or as many categories as you want to display on your portfolio site. Note that when choosing one category to display, there’ll be no filter button.
23 Jan, 2013

Learn about CANVAS with simple example

One of the main reasons why people generally believe that HTML5 will gradually replace Flash is because of the birth of Canvas tag. Through APIs in JavaScript, you can draw anything you want freely & easily control its operation. With user’s performances, you can create applications with pure HTML & JavaScript & having as good effects as Flash.

What can Canvas do?

18 Nov, 2012

Tips for responsive Joomla site design

There are many ongoing debates on responsive design. Is this “the future of web design” or is this just a new trend? Be it or be it not, responsive design has its own strong root to develop and gradually become more and more important in designing. The more constantly connected to Internet, the more people attached to handheld devices. That’s why businesses will have to find their solution to deal with this new “situation”. And a responsive site will help businesses make their site accessible on any portable devices.

In its latest revolution, Joomla 3.x, Joomla itself has adjusted to a responsive CMS platform (You can find all Joomla 3.0 new features HERE). In this blog, I will talk about some good practices for you to design an effective responsive Joomla website.

20 Oct, 2012

How to spice up your portfolio website

You have put great effort & done an incredible work, but it will be just a normal one if no one knows about you and your art work.

It’s time to stand up & build a professional & personal-tailored portfolio to present your hard work to the world.

Before starting anything, choose for yourself a style first. How would you want others to see your portfolio? Professional? Fun and Simple? Illustrative?

After deciding a style for your own site, you can begin with elements that help you express your personality. Here are some useful tips:

1. Be creative & Be yourself. How?

20 Sep, 2012

JUX Feedback - Free Joomla Feedback Component

Customers are the most valuable & important factor of one website. It is your customers who keep your site alive and grow. Furthermore, to a site’s owner, feedbacks from site’s users play an essential role in improving the site’s activities. So, why not let your site’s users know that you really appreciate their productive comments?

Here is one FREE tool to help you out: JUX Feedback

20 Sep, 2012

JUX Slideshow update (v1.0.1)

Download the latest version (1.0.1): JUX Slideshow


- Fixed bug: in some site, slideshow gets stuck on slide #1.
- Added missing language strings.
- Changed text in description button to "Read more".

11 Sep, 2012

JUX Slideshow: NEW & Noteworthy Extensions on JED

This is such a great message to JUX team because we know we have contributed one more awesome Joomla Extension to Joomla Community. The team has also received positive reviews from users which made us couldn’t be happier (Please visit our Forum to share your comments, ideas & reviews on JUX Extensions)

23 Aug, 2012

New extensions released: JUX Portfolio and JUX Slideshow

New JUX extensions have joined Joomla extension community! Take a look!

JUX Portfolio

JUX Porfolio helps you display images and videos with creative design.

23 Aug, 2012

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