25 Oct, 2017

Instagram comes now as a modern and crucial social network that all business and companies should take advantage of. Embedding Instagram on your Joomla site is a must if you want the business getting famous. It will encourage your visitors to

spend more time on your website, and you’ll be amazed at how much higher your conversion rate will become. 

#1. JUX Instagram Feed

JUX Instagram Feed dedicates users a beautiful display of Instagram images on the website. You can do whatever you want in presenting your Instagram feed by using this flexible and easy-to-use Joomla module.

The Joomla module exactly meets all the need that users want to do with the Instagram feed such as nicely presenting, uploading photos, and creating an eye-catching image set with flexible control in sizes and UI.

Core Features:

•    Display your Instagram feed with different slider styles.

•    Freely select the hover you love most from 5 styles.

•    Feeling a good experience with smart filters JUX Instagram feed offered

•    Easily show/ hide your essential information from images and popup data

•    Flexibly control all UI features and sizes

#2. Instagram Feed

With the same target with JUX Instagram Feed, Joomla Instagram Feed also allows you to display the latest Instagram feeds and post beautifully on your Joomla site by simply adding the Instagram ID.

Core Features:

•    All Browser working (IE7+, FF, chrome, safari, etc)

•    Very handy admin

•    No flash, all devices working

•    Almost all the function are admin driven

#3. Instagram Widget Slider

Instagram Widget Slider allows users to display your Instagram account media directly on your Joomla site, without visitors having to travel to Instagram.

Offering an easy-downloading and installing, Instagram Widget Slider will take full advantage of all of the social media benefits of Instagram from now on.

Core features:

•    Creating and displaying an Instagram image slideshow directly on the site.

•    Customizable display features to match it with your website’s color themes and design features.

•    A free and easy download and installation process.

•    Providing website visitors with direct access to your Instagram account.

#4. JO Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery

JO Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery is a great module for displaying everything from your photos, photos you’ve liked, photos of a friends account, photos of a particular hashtag, photos of a location and so much more!. This module is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 2.5, 3.x.

Core features:

•    Work fine on Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

•    Easy to configure and setup.

•    Easy installation in your Website.

•    Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized (Smartphones & Tablets).

•    Multi-layered design and effects.

•    Support 7 modes

•    Support 5 layouts

•    Compatible with all browsers

#5. Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery

The Instagram Photo Gallery module helps your display images from Instagram to the Joomla websites as Picture Gallery. The module has simple configurations which dedicate an easy way to manage, open and customize.

Core features:

•    Simplified Control

•    Place Anywhere using any module position

•    Super Responsive

•    Light Weight

•    Custom themes

•    Clean Coding

#6. Smart Instagram Feed Widgets

Like the previous module, this module also allows users to display images from Instagram to the Joomla websites as Picture Gallery. This module Fetches Instagram Feeds Using Several Instagram Widgets (SnapWidget, LightWidget & Uptsi) that users can use one of them or all. To configure this module you will need Widget Keys or put the custom code as well.

Core features:

•    Three-Widgets Supported

•    Different Layout and Effects/Multi-column supported

•    Slider Support

•    Fluid Grid Layout & Custom Code

•    Style Match with Template

#7. Instagram Photo Display

Instagram Photo Display is a perfect solution for showing photos taken by Instagram on your Joomla site. This awesome module displays photos from your Instagram on a thumbnail and upon mouse hover, it will show juicy large previews.

Core features:

·         Shows Instagram pictures as thumbnail with this Joomla module

·         Determine # of images to show (photo count)

·         Large thumbnail photo preview on mouse hover

·         Choose color for preview background and border

·         Advanced caching for fast loading

Final Thoughts

Instagram is no longer a normal social network that used for the entertainment only, now it is an effective tool in your marketing campaign. You should take full advantage of the social media benefits from Instagram.

With the Instagram widget and Instagram feed modules we have collected for you, we strongly believe that you will display your Instagram feeds and posts beautifully on your Joomla site and increase the conversion rate of the site.

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