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20 Dec, 2017

What is a Mega menu?

Most of the online stores, and especially eCommerce websites that offer many products under multiple categories and subcategories would not be a without help from their mega menus. So, what is a mega menu? A mega menu is a drop-down menu with multi-level expansions that lets you quickly come to the needed single menu or the deepest section of the main menu.

Why do I need using the mega menu on my Joomla site?

Following the definition of a mega menu, we see the importance of a mega menu to an online website, especially on an eCommerce site.

Furthermore, mega menus will improve user experience and generate more sales as well as increase conversions, and keep your visitors browsing your website longer.

An online store, no matter how big or small it is, is a platform that offers many products under multiple categories and subcategories. An ordinary navigational menu can’t offer the best user experience in such cases.


How to easily create a convenient mega menu on the Joomla site?

You can add a Mega Menu to any Joomla site by using extensions available from the JED. Here is the place that you can choose any favorite joomla responsive menu types. In this post, JUX Mega Menu from JoomlaUX team will be our option to show you step by step guide for its easy-to-use and functional features.

The video below guides you specific steps to install JUX Mega menu that is a great example of creating a mega menu on the Joomla site.


Step 1: Install JUX Mega Menu Extension

Steps 2: Configuring the Module Options

-    Select a module Position and Publish Mega Menu module and change the access if you need to.

-    In the module tab, select the core menu that your Mega Menu is liked to and will display.

-     If you are wanting some CSS with Your Mega Menu such as color, padding, width,ect..Please write your code into Custom CSS field.

Steps 3: Configuring the Parameters Plugin

Steps 4: Add icon to your menu item

Our Mega Menu uses “Font Awesome” that set a Menu Item as the icon. You can add an icon to your Menu Item by following these steps:

- Go to link: Click Here!

- Find the icon you like and copy the name of it, and paste in Font Awesome in parameters.

For more options, you can learn from the Mega Menu documentation with more specific options.

What are stunning examples of Joomla site that use Mega Menu?

Ocean Plastic Intertrade

Ocean Plastic Intertrade is one of famous plastic ice box producers in Thailand. The e-commerce site gives a convenient searching the needed products with using JUX mega menu.


The Hill is a newspaper website, it's full of news, videos, and blogs which are well-presented. , with a special focus on business and lobbying, political campaigns and other events on Capitol Hill. The official website thehill.com reaches 1 million unique visitors and 5.6 million page views per month.


As I mentioned above, online eCommerce cannot get such a success if not using mega menu. IKEA is a famous furniture seller use Joomla to reach customers. IKEA has a modern and clean website which offers a professional catalog of products and features of store locators. Hence, using joomla mega menu is the best solution to show the deepest section of the big store.


itWire is a powerful source of top-line Internet and Technology news, information and community news for industry professionals. The site extensively writes about lots of fields such as tech, business, Industry, government, science, and much categories. And using mega menu will be a smart choice for this Joomla site. You see, you can quickly find the small category you care.

Final Thoughts

The convenient mega menu can do wonders to improve the user experience of your site! The post covers you most of the information about the mega menu from the definition, the reasons to use, and the way to create mega menu., and go beyond with the real examples of Joomla site that use mega menus. Also, you can get the reference to best Joomla mega menu extensions to choose your right one. Hopefully, the post will help you to make your right decision for the question whether you should use the mega menu on your Joomla site or not.

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