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06 Sep, 2018

Mega Menu plays a primary role in building a professional Joomla site, especially e-commerce websites that offer many products under multiple categories and subcategories would not be a without help from their mega menus. Hence, choosing a suitable mega menu for your Joomla site is not an easy task so far.

 The article will compare 6 Joomla Mega Menu modules which are the trendiest and the most favorable at that time. Hopefully, you can make a right decision with the useful information we are gonna provide you.

8 powerful features make these 6 Joomla modules outstanding.

*Responsive Design

Follow the trend, almost these extension are highly responsive and retina ready. No matter how large or small your screen is, images and content will automatically adjust to fit it and be perfectly shown

*Various Menu Styles

We will realize that these 8 mega menu modules try to diversify the styles of Joomla Mega Menu. For instance, you can find out three menu styles at JUX Mega Menu with black white, dark blue and red.

Joomla developers are trying to make their products flexible to perfectly fit and create as many nice styles as they can is one of the rules.

*Horizontal & Vertical Orientation

Horizontal and vertical will be two option of menu layouts that this mega many offers, later users easily to choose the layout they are keen on.

*Easy-to-Use Configuration

Configuration is one of the primary features any Joomla users care most. The easier configuration Joomla mega menu modules have, the more users are keen on the theme. We menu that you can easily customize though every extension can contains tons of functions.

*Fancy Effects

The effect seems to be the first thing we get into a Joomla module. We hope to get smooth and nice effects and these 8 stunning mega menus will be the great list for that. Users can find out lots of fancy effects here and get fun.


Like the responsive design, compatibility is a must in any design in 2018 and these modules greatly work in any web & mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.

However, each extension stands out with different features you can find out from the below detail comparison. 

#1.Jux Easy Mega Menu

Coming at first, JUX Easy Mega Menu deserves Joomla users a new look as well as new experience concerning Joomla mega menu aspect. This drag and drop mega menu module give users an easy way to do everything around mega menu customization without coding knowledge.

Core Features:

•    Simple Controllable Back-end

•    All Options in One Place

•    Drag & Drop Menu Items

•    Real-time preview in the back-end

•    Mega menu Toolbox

#2. DJ Mega Menu

Being distinguished with JUX Easy Mega Menu, DJ Mega Menu is an accessible menu solution for Joomla which gives Joomla users the possibility to build and set advanced menu system. Users find out the difference with mobile button option, free lite version.

Core Features:

•    Sticky menu

•    Dropdown directions

•    Multiple Effects

•    Vertical Menu

#3. JUX CSS3 Mega Menu

In comparison with these two above mega menu modules, JUX CSS3 Mega Menu is a great solution to display tons of contents in menu items including texts, images, modules, and articles. This drop-down CSS mega menu can be shown in horizontal and vertical orientation. More than 30 animation effects with left, right, center alignment for drop down menu are available for you to choose.

Core Features:

•    Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

•    Flat or gradient background supported

•    Sticky menu supported

•    Various animation effects

#4. SJ Mega Menu

SJ Mega Menu is super flexible mega menu module with drag and drops layout supported. The drag & drop mega menu owns so many nice effects for many styles of menu.

Besides, SJ Mega Menu supports a lot of features which are not only useful but also very easy to set up for your site.

Core Features:

•    Drag & Drop Layout

•    Multi-Layout Supported

•    Easy to Customize

•    Vertical & Horizontal Menu

•    UI Improved

#5. JUX Mega Menu

JUX Mega Menu is the most completed and easy to use Joomla mega menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module, and articles. The module also works beautifully with Joomla 3.x.

Core Features:

•    Multiple Types of Content

•    Beautiful Menu Layouts

•    Great User Experience

•    Fully Controllable in the backend

•    Modern Sticky Menu

#6. Maxi menu CK

Maxi menu CK is an awesome Joomla mega menu which allows users create a multicolumn megamenu for Joomla various nice effects. You can organize your menu as you want with the multiple options and optional graphics themes.

Core Features:

•    Multi-columns and multi-rows

•    Responsive design themes

•    A logo can be added in the menu

•    Fancy effect

•    Horizontal or vertical orientation                                                            

Look at the table of these Joomla mega menu extensions we have summarized to make your decision.

All in all, JUX Easy Mega Menu will be my first and foremost option for the below reasons:

Which is the latest Joomla mega menu in 2018?

JUX Easy Mega menu is for you.

Which module gives Joomla users an easy way to build up a nice mega menu?

JUX Easy Mega Menu with offering drag & drop menu items is here for you.

What is the distinctive mega menu module?

JUX Easy Mega Menu is for you with various options in layouts and styles to be distinguished.

Which module saves your budget most at that time?

JUX Easy Mega Menu is for you with €9 which is an Intro Price (Regular price: €19). One week only!

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