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14 Jun, 2018

2018 comes with us nearly a half and prove that it’s a Joomla year to come back. And Joomla Social Extensions seem to be a prominent niche to deeply dive. The article will list you best Joomla social extensions in 2018 which will enhance your site and help your Joomla site get a good interaction with customers.

#1. JUX Instagram Feed

JUX Instagram Feed dedicates users a beautiful display of Instagram images on the website. You can do whatever you want in presenting your Instagram feed by using this flexible and easy-to-use Joomla module. Since being launched, the Joomla extension had appealed to a large of customers by “simple and efficient”. “Excellent module, excellent service”, “a versatile module” and other kind words.

 Key Features:

•    Different Slider Styles

•    Various Hover Effect styles

•    Convenient Filter Types

•    Easily Adjusting Sizes

•    Flexible UI control

 #2. SP Tweet

SP Tweet is an amazing Joomla module which helps you integrate Twitter into your Joomla site. This Twitter module can smartly display tweets from any username. This module allows users to customize the number of tweets to display, hide or show user avatar and link avatar to twitter id, show tweet time or link tweet time to the tweet status and many more.

Key features:

•    Smartly display tweets from any username

•    Easily customize the number of tweets

•    Hide/show user avatar

#3. JUX YouTube Feed

JUX YouTube Feed gives you a solution in smartly organizing and nicely showing YouTube videos on the Joomla website. The module will enlarge your audience and keep them spend more time on your website with embedding YouTube Channel.

Using this social extension, you not only display randomly the latest videos from YouTube Channel but also set favorite Channels or Playlist, and select resource to use.

Key Features:

•    Smartly arrange and show YouTube Videos

•    Fully Responsive and Retina ready Module

•    Adjustable UI Parameters

•    Fully YouTube Header Customization

•    Various video preview styles

•    Lively animation effects

•    Easily customize colors of YouTube Channel

#4. BW Social Share

BW Social Share dedicates users an easy to setup and customizes social share buttons Joomla Module on their website. Being in details, the extension uses "Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons" jQuery library by Kurt Noble. With numerous social share service supported like Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), you can freely choose the social network you wish to share. Easy and Efficient!

Key Features:

-    Awesome looking Social Buttons

-    Numerous Social Share Services supported

-    Even Buttons for print, Whatsapp, and Email

#5. JUX Social Gallery

JUX Social gallery is a fast, easy to use and responsive Joomla social module which can automatically display pictures from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, google plus or Flickr to your website’s gallery. Using this Joomla social extension, users get a comfortable feeling with beautiful images which are displayed on a neat and fit frame size and are willing to give kind words for the Joomla extension “Very nice and practical gallery”, “Amazing support! Good Tool” and “great looking gallery”.

Key Features:

•    Dynamically load images from social networking sites

•    Easy manage gallery

•    Display image on a neat and fit frame size

•    Flexible configuration

#6. JUX Social Stream

JUX Social stream combines all of your different social network site interactions into a single network stream or displays them on a Wall in masonry style.

The extension allows you show all of the latest interactions into a single network stream and that is a perfect way to increase the conversion rate with the site. Customers feel pleased with what the Joomla social extension offers, especially “covering all the main social media streams with basic collage layout that I wanted”. The latest version is fixed some issue and update more new styles.

Key Features:

•    Cover 15 popular social networks channel

•    List and Wall Layout are available

•    Able to share posts via most 4 popular networks

•    Easy control in a back-end

•    Change the social config setting to tab layout.

•    Show/ Hide Content on the Front-end

Final thoughts,

Joomla social extension is a prominent niche that you should explore and develop. Hopefully, these above extensions will inspire you to develop some new Joomla social extensions to devote for the Joomla development in 2018 and keep your Joomla site move forward. Thanks for reading and don’t be shy to share with your friends about the useful list! ;)

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