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20 Sep, 2018

These days, we witness tons of Joomla extensions and templates released with new and modern features to make the Joomla site more attractive and functional. A good advice for you is updating what’s new in this filed to keep going and never being left behind the trend.

 Most of these new Joomla extensions are created basing on a deep research about Joomla trends in 2018. So updating these extensions will blow a new wind on your Joomla site, and necessary.

#1. ReadMore-PRO

Coming at first, we welcome to the newest extension called ReadMore PRO which allows users to create an accordion ReadMore effect for your Joomla articles. The awesome extension can massively be used in terms of a magazine, newspaper, blog, etc. Read More-PRO keeps all your article text on the same page showing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on how you configured the extension's setting.

#2. JUX Easy Mega Menu

Mega Menu is a familiar niche in Joomla extension developments but still, keep the trend this year even in next few years. In terms of Joomla mega menu, users got a strong impression with JUX Mega Menu from JoomlaUX team.

And JUX Easy Mega Menu has come as a new wind in this field which owns strengths from JUX Mega Menu and develops more advanced features which give users the easiest way to you to customize everything around the menu of your Joomla site.

#3. LiveChat: live chat for VirtueMart

Live chat is more and more popular as a specific chat application for customer support and online sales, which will increase the interaction with your site and build better relationships.

This Joomla module is designed for VirtueMart with a simple way to work. It will appear at the bottom of your site and allow customers to send messages or admin to send the important content to all visitors.

#4. JUX Cryptocoins Converter

CryptoCurrencies are trending and attract lots of concerns from people which are willing to take a risk. Following the trend, you can witness a bloom of CryptoCurrencies templates and why we don’t create some fascinating Joomla modules to serve this trend to not being left behind.

And JoomlaUX team has created JUX CryptoCoins Converter which provides your visitors with a convenient on the spot currency conversions powered by CoinCap Rankings. With this module, users easily convert any cryptocurrencies which are available at CoinCap Rankings from the drop-down list to their needed cryptocurrency in seconds.

#5. Elfisght Form Builder

There are limited form builder Joomla extensions whereas the need is increasing and Joomla developers must follow this trend to create an awesome Joomla form builder like Elfsight Form Builder Extension. The extension is a universal tool to design and publish various fill-in forms for users of your website. Customers can easily create order, booking forms, surveys, feedback, contact form, and other collect data forms.

#6. Easy Jobs Manager

Easy Jobs Manager is a fascinating Joomla Component which allows you to build a website for publishing and finding jobs. The Joomla component is so useful for the Companies, candidates, and replies management. Furthermore, it’s so lightweight and very fast which is essentials when integrates with your Joomla site.

#7. UniPAY Checkout

Finding a Joomla payment processor, UniPay is a great option for your Joomla site. The extension provides users the most integrated checkout experience possible with WooCommerce to accept e-wallet and credit card processing such as Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

#8. BIT Google Ads for Virtuemart

Google Ads now play a vital to your site, and you need to integrate Google ads tracking to your site. Then BIT Google Ads for VirtueMart comes as a complete solution in Google Ads (Adwords) Conversion Tracking Tag in order to track completed orders on your site.

#9. Content Cart

Content Cart allows users to organize a simple online store based on Joomla articles, specifically, add items the Joomla articles and create a simple online store. Specifically, and add the “add to cart” button to the Joomla article when the order is already made.

#10. Ruxin Loading ProgressBar

Setting up your expected loading progress bar with Ruxin – a fascinating Joomla loading progress bar extension. The extension will help you set up a distinguished loading progress bar by offering 10 colors and 11 different themes for loading.

Plus, Ruxin automatically monitors your AJAX requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress.

Final thoughts


These newest Joomla extensions show us the current Joomla trend and give Joomla developers a good reference to develop the future Joomla extension which follows the trend and enhances the user experience, much easier and simpler. Hopefully, the article gives you some useful information and inspires you for next Joomla products. Thanks for reading! 

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