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07 May, 2018

If you are a fan of Joomla, you will know what makes this CMS different among tons of current platforms. Joomla allows users to create sophisticated add-ons which not all other CMSs can do.

So it’s not surprising that there are a number of loyalty customers Joomla and that number is increasing in 2018 which is predicted as a prominent year of Joomla template and extensions with the release of Joomla! 4. The article will note some stunning Joomla Extensions that follow the Joomla trends in 2018. Most of the extensions specialize in images, showcase, social and booking that attracting more and more users.

1. JUX Instagram Feed

JUX Instagram Feed dedicates users a beautiful display of Instagram images on the website. You can do whatever you want in presenting your Instagram feed by using this flexible and easy-to-use Joomla module. The module exactly meets all the need that users want to do with the Instagram feed such as nicely presenting, uploading photos, and creating an eye-catching image set with flexible control in sizes and UI.

Since being launched, JUX Instagram Feed receive lots of praises from customers like “the best of the bunch”, “simple and efficient”, “excellent module, excellent service” and much more kind words.

Core Features:

- Different Slider Styles

- Various Hover Effect Styles

- Convenient Filter Types

- Unlimited Sources

- Easily Adjusting Sizes

- Flexible UI control

2. EventBooking

If you are finding a solution for Events registration extension for your Joomla site, EventBooking will meet your need. This Joomla Extension allows you to create events (both free and paid), allows registrants to register for these events (Individual, Group registration or Shopping cart) and process payment via online payment gateways.

Core Features:

- Nested Categories

- Creating, managing events in both backend and frontend

- Built-in calendar

- Different Layouts

3. YouTube Feed

JUX YouTube Feed gives you a solution in smartly organizing and nicely showing YouTube videos on the website. The module will enlarge your audience and keep them spend more time on your website with embedding YouTube Channel. Particularly, JUX YouTube Feed allows you not only display randomly the latest videos from YouTube Channel but also set favorite Channels or Playlist, and select resource to use.

The extension follows the rising of Joomla users who wish to embed YouTube channel to their sites to attract more visitors and that’s the reason the JUX team create JUX YouTube Feed that is also are welcomed with good feedback of users.

Core Features:

- Smartly arrange and show YouTube Feed

- Adjustable UI Parameters

- Fully YouTube Header Customization

- Various video Preview Styles

- Lively animation Effects

4. Ozio Gallery

Easily to see a steep rise in releasing Joomla images and video extensions in 2018, and Ozio is created to meet the need. The extension is a responsive photo and VIDEO gallery designed for Joomla, written in javascript which shows images published ONLY on Google Photos personal profile and video from YouTube.

Core Features:

- Unlimited Photos Upload

- Automatically Photo Resized

- Category and Image Titled

- Photo Statistic

5. JUX Mega Menu

JUX Mega Menu is the most completed and easy to use Joomla mega menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module, and articles. Works beautifully with Joomla 3.x.

The Joomla extension is not new but it still keeps its hot in 2018 with amazing feedback for more and more Joomla users like “super extension”, “great menu and awesome support”, “simply awesome” and more than.

Core Features:

- Multiple types of contents

- Beautiful menu layouts with smooth effects

- Ensure a great user experience

- Fully Controllable backend

6. EShop

In terms of e-Commerce extension development, Eshop should be your first option which is a powerful and responsive Joomla shopping cart. The extension is created basing on the standard Joomla! MVC structure with many great features, user-friendly and easy to customize.

Using this module is so simple, just install, add products, enable built-in modules, payment plugins, shipping plugins and you are ready to start accepting orders.

Core Features:

- Unlimited Categories, Manufacturers, Products

- Mini cart module with live update

- One-page checkout

- Coupons/Discount support

- Full of custom layout and CSS

7. JUX Portfolio Pro

JUX Portfolio Pro is a professional version of JUX Portfolio. It supports users to display your products in a neat and eye-catching way. The component manages performance by Tags or Categories. Each item can be shown with the short description and “read more” part, depending on your wish.

JUX Portfolio Pro features a responsive style enhanced with features to maximize your experience with both list and detail style.

The Joomla extension is “excellent portfolio component” that is “easy to install and use” and works “efficiently”.

Core Features:

-    Creative Styles in the user interface

-    Lightbox displays image and video

-    Hover dir effect

-    Fully Functional Backend

8. JSitemap

Finding a complete SEO solution for Joomla!? Selecting JSitemap which is the advanced sitemap generator and SEO indexing tool for Joomla! Will be a smart choice. Particularly, the extension offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without the need for additional plugins!

Core Features:

-    Integrated with Google Webmasters

-    Directly inside your Joomla! Backend using a user-friendly interface

-    Google Search console Section

-    Mobile friendly Factor

After all, we hope that Joomla users are able to learn to take advantages of these Joomla extensions that are much better for your Joomla site and make your site be up-to-date. Hopefully, you can find what you need in this article, if not we still believe that the post is so much useful for any Joomla users.



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