16 Apr, 2018

2018 comes with lots of expectations in Joomla development. Joomla users are looking forward to a revolution in Joomla Extensions and Templates development. We hope about a very bright year for the improvements in Design as well as functions on each Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions.

And the release of Joomla! 4 blows a strong wind and give us more hope, more trust to a significant year of Joomla.

So how to get 100% ready for this amazing year -2018. The article will cover you 5 things you need to prepare for a successful Joomla development 2018.

#1. Catch the Trend

First and foremost, we should mention is the trend in Joomla Templates and extensions design. When we profoundly understand what is prominent, what is new, what is hot at the current time

You can make your Joomla Product Good. Such as a good example! You realize that Image Joomla extension like Joomla Instagram Extensions or Joomla Gallery Extension is prominent in this year. Let develop them at best. We will see the success at JUX Instagram Feed that successfully takes advantage of this trend.

Now we will note you some of the 2018 trends in both the designs and customers requirement.

•    The Return of Mobile Template

·         The rise of Image Joomla extension

•    Cinema graph Background

•    Dash of Color

#2. 100% Joomla! 4 Ready

As I mentioned above, the release of Joomla! 4 is a big motivation for the Joomla templates and Joomla extensions in 2018. Joomla Users find Joomla! 4 a minimal look with more convenient functions in both the front-end and backend that will attract more and more users back to this CMS Platform.

Check the list of some main features that make Joomla! 4 Standout:

•    Bootstrap 4 Integration

•    Back-end UI: Compatible and mobile-first

•    New Front-end template (Cassiopeia)

•    New Media Manager

•    Simplified installation process

You can get more information about each feature if following the post: Six Expected Features in Joomla! 4 and you get the best understanding of the new version, much smoother.

The developer must follow the highlight features of Joomla! 4 to code or style for a perfect relevance. Then the templates and extensions can run more smoothly. Some issues we need to take note here Bootstrap 4, PHP version 7, and so on. 

#3. Meet Server Requirements

Following the Joomla version 4, you need to raise the server requirements and please check the hosting providing for sure before updating. The below list shows you what you need to upgrade to be ready for the latest version of Joomla.

•    PHP 7.0

•    MySQL 5.5.3

•    PostgreSQL 9.2

•    MS SQL will not be supported

You should check all technical requirements for Joomla! 4 before updating for a right and smooth updating process. 

#4. Improve Page Builder

The improvements in Joomla! 4 require any Joomla developer flexibly change the Joomla products for a relevance. Hence, we need to pay attention to improve the Page builder and think about a new easy page build that allows users setting their Joomla site with ease and fun.

#5. Code Improvements

The good advice you should take is checking the code structure, first for a clean and stable structure then check whether you need to change the code following the new version of Joomla or not. Absolutely you must do lots of improvements in your code that you have ever imagine that it’s perfect. Starting with the change of updating the version 4.0 the time Joomla developers learn how to get along with Bootstrap 4, PHP version 7 or new front-end template (Cassiopeia) and the developers need to adopt the best technologies in the next Joomla products.

After all, the major issue you should take note of the development of Joomla Products in 2018 is the release of Joomla! 4 – The hope of the promising year 2018. And basing the amazing version, we strongly believe that our Joomla Developers will create lots of impressive products. Don’t forget getting the things you must do before updating the new Joomla version.


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